Whitelist users and IP addresses

By default, when you enable Under Construction Mode, all users except the administrator will see the page you create for the mode. Only the admin of the site will still be able to see the “normal” page and will get the chance on the site like nothing happened.

By controlling the Access settings, you can change permissions and allow only specific users to have access to the regular site. To manage permissions, you will have to whitelist users by different methods.

Whitelist IP addresses

Settings -> UnderConstruction -> Access -> Access Rules

Write one or more IP addresses. Selected IPs will not be affected by the Under Construction Mode and their users will always see the “normal” site. Write one IP address per line. Wildcards and IPv6 are not supported.

You own IP address will be listed just below the option so you can use it. If have a client who doesn’t know his or her IP address, tell them to Google “what’s my ip address” or just navigate to whatismyip.com.

Whitelist IP address in UnderConstructionPage

Whitelisted User Roles

Settings -> UnderConstruction -> Access -> Access Rules

This option will list out all user roles registered on your site. By default, here you will see the administrator, editor, author, contributor, and subscriber. Depending on your site, you may see more user roles on the list.

To whitelist a user role, simply check the box next to it. Selected user roles will not be affected by the Under Construction Mode and will always see the “normal” site when logged in. Don’t forget to save changes after selecting whitelisted roles.

Whitelist user roles in UnderConstructionPage

Whitelisted Users

Settings -> UnderConstruction -> Access -> Access Rules

If you want to select specific usernames, just click on the input area. After that, you should see the list of all registered usernames on your site. Simply select a username you want to whitelist, or write it in the box.

Selected users (when logged in) will not be affected by the Under Construction Mode and will always see the “normal” site.

Whitelisted Users


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