Is my Site Under Construction?

Check your site to see if UnderConstructionPage is enabled

You’ve enabled and disabled UnderConstructionPage so many times that your head is spinning. You see one version of the site, your client sees a different one. Nothing makes sense any more! Although not a common scenario this is definitely something that can happen when cache gets stuck and continues to serve stale content. This tool takes extra steps to bust trough the cache and display the real, non-cached version of the page. The version that everyone should see, and will see after the cache is purged.

Test your site to see if UCP is enabled

Site URL: Test Site


I’m not seeing the same thing as this tool

Don’t panic! It’s just cache. Instead of a fresh version of the page you’re getting a cached version. To see the same thing the tool is seeing you need to empty the cache or just wait until it automatically purges. Try the following few steps:

  • empty your browser cache, or just open a new incognito window
  • if you’re using a caching plugin in WordPress, purge the cache
  • if your hosting package has built-in cache, login to the control panel and purge cache for the entire domain
  • open the site with a random URL variable; instead of open

It’s still not working!

Use the support contact form in the plugin to send a message to our friendly agents. They’ll have a look at your site ASAP and help you fix any problems.

Published on October 5, 2017 by Gordan; modified on October 14, 2019.