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Creative Offline Marketing Tactics To Skyrocket E-commerce Sales

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In recent decades, cheap web hosting, user-friendly website creation tools, and most importantly the rising popularity of the internet among consumers have led to a rapid expansion of the online service sector. E-commerce businesses are slowly starting to outnumber brick-and-mortar stores, while digital marketing is becoming the new norm in the world of advertising. This… Read More

Hostinger – One of the Top Performers in the Hosting Industry

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Having been around for more than a decade, Hostinger aims to empower everyone with world-wide-web. The organization has the strength of 200 employees and 8 data centers around the world. Having 29 million users approx. world-wide, they receive 15K fresh sign-ups every day from different geographical locations. This review is based on the information collected… Read More

Password Protect & Hide your Entire Shop with WooCommerce Private Store Plugin

Published on by ; modified on July 5, 2018

Woocommerce is an amazingly powerful tool that helps you build a store quickly and easily but by default, it does not have any options for hiding or restricting access to your store. There are various situations when you need your Woocommerce Store to be private. Another scenario where having a Woocommerce Private Store can be very… Read More

Why Would You Need Analytify for Your WordPress Site

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Google Analytics can be overwhelming sometimes and as proof Google itself built a dedicated Google Analytics Academy to make sure users understand all of its functions properly. But why follow complex courses and assimilate enormous amount of raw data, when you can track, manage and view all the important data right in the back-end of… Read More

5 Ways Chatbots Can Help You in E-commerce

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It won’t be incorrect to tell that only thing that remains same in E-Commerce Industry is ‘CHANGE.’ Beyond a doubt, electronic commerce has made it a lot easier for retailers and brands to reach an audience and repeated customers across the globe. E-Commerce revolution has made competition stiffer for new retailers and emerging brands.  If… Read More

Step Up Your Game with Emoji for Local SEO

Published on by ; modified on June 17, 2018

The use of emojis as a Local SEO strategy may seem like a ridiculous idea, but is it? Different search engines have been allowing users to search using emoji, from Bing to Yahoo. The Huffington Post reported that in 2014 Yelp started allowing for emoji search. Also, Google hasn’t been left behind. In 2016, it… Read More

Checklist for Finding a Right Web Host for Your Website

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Choosing a web host is a difficult task, especially as there are so many different ones on the market. How do you know which one is the best, and which one suits you? Well, before you get all muddled and indecisive, we have compiled our list of tips for all the new as well as… Read More

Weglot Review – The Best Way to Translate Any Website

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WordPress has become the most popular Content Management System in the world. More than 30% of the websites on the internet run on WordPress. With its vast community, language has been a significant barrier to attract more viewers. With single language support by WordPress, making a multilingual site is a bit of a hassle. You… Read More

5 Reasons WordPress is Still the Best CMS

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Multiple innovative programming languages and environments are used nowadays for websites building, but WordPress is the most efficient and, therefore, popular CMS. Dating back to 2003, the system is preferred by 50% of Americans that are internet users (as of 2014). The readers also prefer visiting the sites that are created using the system, because… Read More