How to Protect Your WordPress Website Legally With WP Legal Pages

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So you have a wonderful website, you are about to release it and planning a lot of things to make it even better. But are you thinking of all the aspects of owning a website? Are you sure you are making all the efforts to improve the performance of your website? Are you sure you… Read More

Strengthen Your Blog With A Successful Content Strategy

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Are you paying as much attention to your blog as you should be? If you’re always scrabbling for something to post about when publication day comes round, then you need to build a strategy that helps you create excellent content. Here’s how a good content strategy works, and how you can build one for your… Read More

9 Essential Ways You Need to Know to Proofread Your Blog Content Accurately

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Blog content is difficult to write at the best of times. Whether you’re writing for yourself, for a client, or on behalf of a business, so much time needs to be spent in research keywords, researching topics, gathering information and actually sitting down and writing it. When you need to make it engaging and captivating… Read More

Giveaway worth $1,250 – Win Three Premium WordPress plugins from Web Factory

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over. That usually means discounts are on hold, and everyone’s waiting for Christmas in order to start new promotions. To make this in-between period a little bit more fun, we have decided to give away several licenses for our most popular WordPress products. Who would like an early Christmas… Read More

7 Mistakes That Stop Your Blog from Making Money

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Most people still have a hard time learning that blog writing is a serious business. For them, blogging is nothing but a spare time activity that you do for fun. But they couldn’t be more wrong – successful bloggers are highly-skilled professionals who earn a lot of money. This is also the reason why Tumblr… Read More

The Best Way to Migrate Your Blog – Use Migrate Guru

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There are many reasons why you may end up cloning a WordPress site. You could move from local server to generation server or the other way around; you may set up a testing domain or organizing server on the web. Perhaps you’re moving your site to an alternate hosting provider, or need a duplicate for… Read More

Interview: Stefano Ginella from WOptimize

Published on by is a newborn baby in the WordPress support and maintenance world. It has been launched in October 2017, thus it’s still quite small – right now the team counts only two members. The business has its headquarters in Italy but since the team considers themselves digital nomads they’re usually not in the same place… Read More

5 Common Landing Page Mistakes You Need To Watch Out For and Avoid

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“Everyone makes mistakes” is an excuse that just doesn’t cut it anymore. Especially in this day and age when you have everything you need to make a great website available at your fingertips. Your website or blog may have various content types with the highest conversion rates. Still, if your landing page fails to attract… Read More

Interview: Nigel Jennings from WP Hero

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WP Hero started a couple of years ago and like a lot of support and management services, it morphed out of a web design/services company. They are a bit different though; there are two co-founders from different parts of the world – Nigel from Ireland and David from the US. The guys met in India… Read More

10 Best Adsense WordPress Themes of All Times

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The aim of running WordPress blogs is to earn money online, as you give quality services and information. However, this is only possible through monetization of your WordPress blog. There are many monetization methods of WordPress websites, but AdSense is the easiest and among the most popular monetization methods since no technical knowledge is required… Read More