10 Reasons You Need a Video Landing Page For Your Website

What captures attention more than interesting video? Here are some other reasons why you need a video on your landing page.

A whopping 85% of online marketers use video as a marketing tool. Why video? Because using video is one of the most effective marketing strategies.

The thing is, with an attention span of just 8 seconds, you have a very short amount of time to capture your customer’s attention, impress them, and captivate them to the extent of immersing themselves into your website.

A video on a video landing page is easier to entertain, easier to impress, easier to share, and easier to retain. On a landing page, videos will not only entertain but also increase conversions.

In this post, we’ll share not one, not two, not even three, but 10 benefits of using videos on your landing pages and how to stand to benefit from it.

1. Videos Pique Interest

The minute your potential customers land on your landing page, your brand’s first impression hits them. If they have to choose between reading a full post or watching a video, the video will win any day. With such short attention spans, they are likely to leave your page before they get to the important stuff.

Videos Pique Interest

With a video, however, it’s easier to pique their interest and grab their attention because watching and listening if far better than reading.

2. Videos Boost Conversions

The ultimate goal of your landing page is to get your customers to take action. Videos are a powerful tool that makes an emotional connection with the audience. This essentially leads to emotional purchasing decisions, which will work in your favor.
Video landing pages means giving your target audience a chance to check out your products up close and get to really understand it. The detailed look helps them make the decision to take action and convert.

Most consumers want to know everything there is about a product to make an informed decision, and you can offer more information through video for a shorter time than you can on text.

3. Videos Explain Complex Products Better

Explainer videos are some of the best, especially when you have complex products. This is an easy way to provide customers with the most important information, in a short span of time. Videos teach consumers how to use products much more effectively than text.

Showing customers how your products will make their lives better is far easier than describing it to them.

4. Videos Build Brand Recognition and Association

Brand recognition and association play a considerable role in your business. People should be able to recognize your brand the instant they see your logo or products. This is a major determining factor in your conversion rate in the long run.

Videos will make your brand’s personality shine because as long as you are creative enough, conveying the brand image is easier than you might think.

They are an incredible way to increase brand recognition and are super effective in helping consumers get familiar with a business. This is a crucial part of conversions because consumers want to do business with brands they trust.

5. Videos Increase Engagement

Landing pages are meant to engage visitors and help them learn more about the business and its products. With a combination of sound and visual effects, videos are an excellent way of keeping customers engaged.

Information on videos is far easier to absorb and retain compared to text. Most of the time, consumers skim through text to save time, but a clip or two of videos on a landing page are more likely to keep them interested.

6. Videos Highlight Professionalism

A professional and quality video landing page will communicate professionalism on your brand’s part. Showing the legitimacy of your brand means consumers will have an easier time trusting your brand and feel at ease while doing business with you or recommending you to others.

Videos Highlight Proffesionalism

Of course, not just any videos will do because amateur content will hurt your brand. You need well-thought-out video strategies that will rake in optimal results. The quality of your landing page videos play a significant role in how consumers perceive your brand — first impressions and all —and how they react after viewing the message.

There are many tools online that will help you make impressive and creative videos, such as VLC for MAC, among others. You may hire a professional, but it’s not mandatory, and you can still captivate your audience with some DIY videos.

7. People Love Videos

YouTube hits over a billion views per month, and Vimeo is not that far behind. That in itself is proof enough that videos rule and people absolutely love them. People love watching and learning from videos because they are more interesting. Montages are also an entertaining way of grabbing attention, so keeping a montage maker close by is something that you should definitely consider. Associating your products or services with videos is a wise marketing strategy.

Beyond that, videos are particularly persuasive. 90% of users confirm that watching product videos is more persuasive when it comes to making purchase decisions. A video landing page will connect with the consumers and take them exactly where you want them.

8. Videos Go Viral

Videos are by far the most viral content on the internet because they get viewed and shared by millions of people on a daily basis.

Your incredible video could be the next best thing to hit the internet, and when viewers share, your inbound marketing efforts will get a whole lot easier.

9. Videos Increase Trust

Trust is essential in growing a brand online. You see, when first-time visitors reach your website, they have no idea who you are or what your brand is all about. Without knowing you, they have zero reasons to trust you, let alone do business with you.

Increase Trust

A video landing page will instill trust in these customers because they’ll possibly get to see you, or your employees, get a human connection and feel at ease. Starring the CEO or staff of a company is one of the best ways to showcase your brand to your potential customers.

10. Videos Will Keep Customers Longer

The longer consumers stay on your website, the more they familiarize themselves with your brand. Having a video on your landing page means after watching it, customers are more likely to be interested in knowing more about your brand. They’ll stay longer, possibly watch more videos if any, click on more links, and eventually convert.

Make an Awesome Video Landing Page!

What do you think? Have you tried using videos on your website? If not, your landing page is the place to start. A video landing page will have a massive impact on your landing page performance, your brand association, and ultimately your conversion rate.
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