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The Best Mobile Landing Page Design Tips

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Building a mobile landing page with a high conversion rate might become quite a task. The entire process is completely different from the development of standard landing pages, which is why you need to be very careful. Applying these pieces of advice practically, you will be able to «raise» above your competitors, getting more leads,… Read More

Why Every Blog Should Start With A Coming Soon Page

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Are you about to start a website that you are very excited about? Is your unique service going to blow everybody’s mind? If you’re working on something really worthwhile, then you know that it always takes a lot of time to have it ready the way it should be – sometimes, more than you originally… Read More

Landing Pages for Tech Companies: 4 Examples to Learn From

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In 2018, tech companies hold 130 spots on Forbes Global 2000 list, ranking the world’s top public companies. No matter what kind of business you own or operate, there is much to be learned from the way tech companies market themselves. Even giants like Apple, Samsung, Google or Facebook, tech companies have to hustle hard… Read More

5 Ways to Draw Visitors’ Attention with a Coming Soon Landing Page

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It’s not a secret that by launching a new product any creator hopes that rapidly will become popular. By rule, he starts advertising it as soon as the product appears but usually takes a period to achieve the desired result. However, there’s a way to make your new product popular long before it goes live…. Read More

What is A/B testing and how does it work?

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Data is a huge deal in online business. No self-respecting marketer, manager, or leader makes decisions without analyzing the data. Why? Because data is evidence that ensures that the decision won’t be made on instincts. If you’re wondering what it is, read below. What is A/B Testing? A/B testing is defined as a method of… Read More

Landing Page Design & Optimization

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If you’re running a business, you probably know how important it is to have a good online marketing strategy. With the help of the internet, your business can expand, evolve, and become something you never thought it would. But to fully maximize your business’ potential, you need to create an enticing and useful landing page… Read More

5 Common Landing Page Mistakes You Need To Watch Out For and Avoid

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“Everyone makes mistakes” is an excuse that just doesn’t cut it anymore. Especially in this day and age when you have everything you need to make a great website available at your fingertips. Your website or blog may have various content types with the highest conversion rates. Still, if your landing page fails to attract… Read More