Landing Page for Pharmaceuticals: Features and Nuances

Creating a Landing Page is a complex and painstaking process that requires a specialist with not only competence but also experience. These requirements are especially relevant when it comes to creating a one-page website for a pharmaceutical company.

Pharmaceuticals – one of the most difficult industries to build business strategies and promotion plans due to the large number of requirements and restrictions in almost all aspects, from the qualifications of employees and the implementation of key performance indicators in pharmaceutical industry, and ending with the realization of products/services in the framework of digital marketing.

The limitations of this industry in Internet promotion are related to the policy of Google, because the products of this category, and therefore the sites offering them, fall under YMYL (Your Money or Your Life).

Today we will look at the peculiarities of realizing the tasks associated with YMYL in practice, but first, a little theory.


How to create a YMYL-compliant RX medication branding site for YMYL products

Creating a YMYL-aware landing page for products such as RX drugs (prescription medications) is a complex process, as it is important to ensure a high degree of reliability, credibility, and safety of information for users, given the impact of such products on people’s health and lives.

RX drugs are prescription drugs that are not available for purchase without the written advice of a physician. The risk associated with the possible use of these drugs is completely contrary to Google’s policy, and as a result, the range of tools available to website developers is generally limited. Despite this, it is quite realistic to achieve the set goals.

However, the creation of one-page sites for YMYL products involves many difficulties, which can only be handled with sufficient qualifications and experience.

The problems of creating an effective landing page for pharmaceutical companies and medical courier businesses can be briefly described as follows:

  1. Marketing limitations. There are some special requirements for YMYL category websites and lendings. For example, resources of this type are severely limited in contextual advertising, and SEO promotion requires expertise in pharmacology and the accuracy of the information provided.
  2. Legal responsibility. One of the main features of YMYL resources, in general, and pharmaceutical sites in particular, is the legal responsibility for information. Every word, term, and recommendation associated with RX drugs must be true and warranted by a professional. Otherwise, the use of inaccurate information can lead to litigation.
  3. Balance between informativeness and conversion. The main task of a landing page is to lead the user from information to a targeted action in the shortest possible time. At the same time, YMYL resources require companies to publish the maximum amount of expert information. Thus, experts must balance informativeness and brevity, while taking into account the requirements for YMYL sites.

Example of a business card site for a pharmaceutical company

Let’s consider a typical example from web developers implementing projects for pharmaceutical companies.

A company wants to redesign a website for the sale of medical products. For the redesign, they chose the WordPress platform, which provides functionality and ease of site management. This choice also ensures that the client can tweak the site themselves and launch promotions in the future. It also makes it easy to manage the features and get advice from the support team if needed.

Additional steps such as setting up Google Analytics, using meta tags, and connecting Google Search Console are taken to monitor and analyze data. Bootstrap framework is used in the website layout to ensure adaptability and compatibility with different devices and browsers.

As a result, after the redesign, the site becomes more convenient and faster to use. Pages load quickly, which increases user comfort. Importantly, the site can be made available in multiple languages, which expands the audience and attracts visitors from different countries.

The site is also adapted to display correctly on different types of devices, including computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and the most popular browsers.



With a competent approach to creation and customization, pharmaceutical company lendings show powerful potential in attracting customers and disseminating important medical information. The specifics of creating websites and lendings in the YMYL category are prioritized, given the seriousness of the topic.

If you need help in creating a pharmaceutical lending site, don’t hesitate to engage professionals from outsourcing companies. Experts in web development and marketing are always available to help you create a website and marketing campaigns that will help you achieve your business goals.

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