Aptitude Test: The Best Tool for The Recruiters

Aptitude tests can be of a great help while finding the right candidate for the job. Here is how.

Before hiring any candidate for any job, it is essential for the business to know the abilities of the same. To be sure about the same, there are several rounds of interviews taken by the department of HR and also carried out the background check of the candidate. However, many times it does not suffice the requirements of the employer, and hence HR is asked to find out some more options.

The tests play an important role in mass recruitment, which becomes much necessary in the business these days. Among the most known tests that help the HR one is the aptitude test with the help of which the HR can know the quality of the candidate as well as his hidden potential that can prove much useful to the company.

The aptitude test

This test has different sections where the candidate has to prove his metal. There are sections such as reasoning, language, numerical, and other skills. The candidate is asked some questions in each section, and he needs to give the correct answer for it. Usually, these skills are not measurable, but with the help of this test where each question has a score to be given, the final result comes in the form of a score on the basis of which the HR can decide the next process.

the test

Here each section, as well as the question, is designed by the experts with the aim to know the candidate well. The score of the test must match the benchmark of the test set by the department so that those who do not match the score can be eliminated in the test round only. It helps not only to save time but also support to have quick recruitment. The test is also available online as well as offline format.

Design the test

Getting the right type of aptitude test is the job of an expert. One can go for the tests which are readily available in the market for quick use or get one customized for the company. However, the customized test can prove a little costly as one need to hire an expert and get the test designed for a specific job.

Hence in more of the job cases, the number of tests to be designed also gets increased, which can lead to an increase in cost.

In some cases, one can get the test readily available and make some modifications as per the requirement of the job, which can prove an easy option for many small to medium companies.

Those with large companies can get it designed by experts who are also on the roll of the company only as large companies can easily afford the cost of hiring such experts for a long time also. The use of the test depends on the HR what type of candidates he needs.

The format

Again the format of the aptitude test depends on the company, requirement of the type of candidates, and policy. There are options such as online tests and offline tests, which can help the HRs to get the right people in the right positions where they can grow with the growth of the company. The online and offline are two main formats of the test, where the majority of the companies prefer the online option due to several benefits associated with the same.

Online and offline tests

The online test is one where a few of the things get automatically checked among which one’s proficiency in using computer and English are the prime one. It is a system where the test can be taken for many candidates in a few minutes. It does not need more space, and if allowed to appear remotely, it needs no setup also. The candidate is given with the login credentials, and accordingly, they can appear in the test. As all questions are unique and candidates appear from the remote location, there is no question of getting the answers from any other sources. While the test is on the candidate cannot check any other website also hence the answers submitted by him are true and genuine.

The test has several sections where various questions are asked, and there is a score or mark given to every question. After the completion of the test, the candidate can know his score. At the same time, the HR also knows the score, and as per the provided parameters, if the score matches the requirements, he can be hired or sent for the further process, or else he simply gets eliminated. Hence the online test can help HR get quick results and actions which are much needed in some cases.

The offline test also helps HR in getting the desired results, but in this test, one needs to carry out a long process of test.

He needs to call the candidate to be at a specific venue and arrange for the papers as well as other facilities for the candidates. Even after completion of the test, the result takes time, and hence it is also known as a time-consuming process. However, for small organizations, this system can be of good help, but in case one needs to go for mass recruitment, this type of test can be burdensome and hence must be avoided.


The aptitude test displays the character of the person in terms of his potentials and professional approach. Knowing these aspects of a candidate is much needed for the companies if the person is needed to be selected for a higher position. The skills of calculation, quick decision making, reasoning, and logic can help the candidate to justify his position even if he is hired for a higher position. If the candidate is taken after these tests and thorough check, there is hardly any scope of wrong recruitment, and hence for the company, such people can prove as great support in the long run.

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