5 Simple Steps to Writing Web Copy That Actually Converts

Working on getting more conversions is always a good idea. Here are 5 steps for writing a better copy that will help with it.

The main purpose of your web copy is to provide your potential customers with the information that will help them make the right decision. You should offer a solution that will help them feel happy while also generating conversions.

Writing an effective web copy is a challenging task, and writing it consistently can be even more difficult. Fortunately, there are many methods that will help you improve your writing, making your copy more and more impactful. In this article, we are going to cover a few great strategies that will help you make your web copy stronger, maximizing your conversions and clearly communicating the value of your services and products to your customers.

1. Get to know your target audience

Get to Know your Audience

If you want to attract prospects, you should understand what they need and what they love. Some writing approaches may be effective for one kind of audience and not effective for another. Knowing your audience will help you come up with the right message, creating an irresistible copy based on specific pain points.

Think of your target prospects’ personal background and environment. What are their main goals, challenges, and preferences? This information will help you create a buyer persona.

2. Test, test, test

Of course, you should write a copy to test it. However, we suggest that you keep in mind the fact that it’s almost impossible to create a great copy on the first try. Many businesses forget about the importance of a good copy of the overall user experience, which can easily become a problem. Therefore, proper A/B testing is a necessity.

3. Use the sense of exclusivity

If you want to create a buzz, make your target audience feel special. For example, your offer will look much more attractive if you tell your prospects that they were randomly selected or hand-picked. Make them feel lucky or important.

The thing is that our self-esteem is one of the most important needs in Maslow’s system. When launching a new product, you can select just a few users to test it, not because other users are not important but because this way, other users will feel a desire to try it too.

4. Use trigger words

Sometimes, the right word can immediately make your audience feel the excitement, fear, urgency, sadness, or any other emotion. Some words, when used at the right time, can be very effective triggers — even such simple words as “save,” “free,” or “new.” However, it’s also important to avoid certain words that can create a negative effect. For example, if you write that some sort of medication can “reduce pain,” it means that it will not cure the pain completely.

Similarly, if some pills “fight nausea,” it means that they may not win this fight. We recommend that you choose words carefully and consider different contexts. However, if writing a powerful and engaging content is really difficult for you, you can always use a writing service to write it for you. Here’s a list of top 10 writing services that can help you with any writing task you may have.

5. Use analogies and metaphors

A boring and confusing message cannot be compelling. The thing is that people don’t pay attention to anything unless it’s valuable.

Value is the most important human driver and your web copy should provide value if you want your message to be noticed by the audience.

Besides, people get marketing messages all the time because we’re surrounded by ads both on the internet and in real life. Therefore, your copy must be memorable and stand out while also being concise enough so that your audience’s limited attention span won’t be a problem.

Properly selected analogies and metaphors can help you put various concepts into perspective. You can combine different concepts to create a comprehensive message, using your audience’s experiences and wishes. Metaphors can also be descriptive, helping your audience focus on the features of your product that otherwise would remain unnoticed.


Study your audience, play with their emotions, be creative, and test your copy to get better results and more conversions. Make sure that your marketing content actually provides value and you will see that its effectiveness will increase in no time.

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