The Best Time to Introduce Touch Typing to Children

Parents are struggling with when to introduce technology to their kids. Touch typing is a must-have skill that requires the use of technology, though. Here's some advice.

It can be hard for people who grew up in a less-complicated technological landscape to accept how young children these days are when they learn to type.

Many people learned to type in middle school, but children today start typing as soon as they can reach the keyboard. Experts report that children under eight years of age may not have the motor coordination to touch type quickly and accurately.

In this article, we’ll explain some of the benefits of touch typing for children, and some excellent ways to start the learning process.

The Benefits of Touch Typing for Children

  • Childhood is the best time to learn: the younger the child, the more fluid his or her mind is. With that flexibility comes increased ability to develop muscle memory and get used to the new skills that are part of typing.

Teaching kids to type

  • Touch typing helps children to work faster. Many children start typing by painstakingly typing out each letter with little technique. If you start your child young, they will be good typists before they can even remember developing muscle memory. Touch typing enables children to type accurately at high speed and will put them in an excellent position to complete work quickly.
  • They will have better future opportunities. Companies are looking for people who can type quickly and accurately. Teaching children how to type and giving them enough time to practice throughout their lives will help them master this skill, making them more competitive candidates for employment and education.


Several free and paid online programs are best suited for children aged seven and above. They make use of games, videos, and advanced technology to teach typing skills.

Children who learn using these programs are likely to understand and remember concepts quickly because their minds get conditioned to associate touch typing with pleasure. The software developers understand how children learn and tailor their educational style to their young audience, rather than to adults. Paid programs typically range between $20 and $50 and are available from many developers.

Online Games and Apps

There are several online games and apps designed to help children type quickly and easily. You can always find the best typing apps on Common Sense Education Ratings. There, you’ll find a number of free online games and apps that will help your child understand the basic concepts. Because it’s fun, your child might not even realize that they’re practicing an essential skill as well.

Typing and Handwriting skills


While it’s important for children to learn how to touch type effectively, it should not replace handwriting. Children need to learn how to write fast before learning how to type. Children who learn how to write usually learn how to type more quickly, because they have the basics of sentence construction down. Teaching the child how to write while introducing the keyboard will build his strength and improve coordination.


It is vital for children to learn how to type as soon as they can, as soon as he or she starts asking questions about the keyboard. The use of online apps and programs will engage and motivate the child to learn how to touch type effectively, which will give them a leg up as they attempt schoolwork and, later, professional work in a technologically-driven world.

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