How To Write Content For Both People And Google

Write content that's compelling and useful to readers, and Google will know that you're worth indexing higher

When writing SEO content, you’ll need to be able to write content that gets you noticed by Google. There are so many tools and tips online that will help you do this, but they do forget that you need to write for people, too. If you neglect your audience, they won’t read what you have to say!

Readers And Google Go Hand In Hand

SEO manager Daniel Powell from Rated Writing says ‘When you’re writing for SEO, your audience’s reaction should inform what you’re writing. If readers aren’t sticking around to read what you’ve written, Google will see that and react accordingly.’


This is true. No one knows quite what the Google algorithm is for indexing sites, but audience reaction does play a big part in it. They’ll give more weight to sites that can bring in readers, and keep them on the site for longer. That means your content needs to be more than just keywords and efforts to sell your product. You need to be providing them with real value, every time they visit.

Create Compelling Content

When you create a new piece of content, you need to start from what your readers want to see. Say you run a site selling gardening tools. You can write about what your tools do, but that will get stale quickly. Instead, you need to be thinking about what your customers may be looking for. In this case, they may want how-to articles about gardening and growing plants. In these pieces, you can mention your tools naturally.

If you’re struggling to come up with new ideas, or need a hand creating new content, take a look at Neil Patel’s blog and Copyblogger for ideas on SEO copywriting. You can also hire a writer from Elite Assignment Help to help you write up ideas and blogs for your site.

Do Your Keyword Research

To write your piece, you’re going to need the right keywords to use in it. These will show Google that your article is the right one for someone searching online. The reader should be able to click the link and find what they were looking for right away. That’s why the right keyword is so relevant.

Brainstorm keywords that your readers might be looking for online. What do they need, that you can provide? If you need help coming up with the right keywords, try using keyword generators online to give you some ideas.

Ensure You’re Polishing Your Writing

Polished writing is critical when it comes to SEO. If your content contains errors, then readers will pick up on that and won’t come back. Google will see this when indexing your website, and so will list it lower than other sites. The people and Google relationship are significant here, so you want to ensure you’re proofreading and editing everything that you write.


If you’re unable to do this alone, there’s plenty of help out there. Sites such as Revieweal will help you edit your content before it goes live. You can also use the State Of Writing to improve your grammar, making your content much better and easier to read.

Create Catchy Headlines

Every content writer knows a good headline is a key to bringing the readers in. A good headline should tell the reader exactly what the blog is about before they even click through to it. It should also be accurate.

If your headline isn’t indicative of what you’re writing about, those readers aren’t going to stick around. Again, Google will take notice of this, so you need to write great headlines.

Try writing a few headlines, before settling on one. It needs to be dynamic, and encourage the reader to read on.

Don’t Forget The Meta Tags

Meta tags are incredibly useful for bringing the right readers to you, and showing Google what your content is about. However, many first-time content writers don’t even think to use them.

These don’t show up in the content itself but in the page’s code. They’ll tell any search engine crawlers precisely what the page is about. It’s great for bringing the right readers to your page. If they’re searching for ‘right time to plant sunflowers,’ you can put that in the tags to help them get to you. Use a service like UK Services Reviews to help you come up with the right meta tags for you.

As you can see, writing for people and Google can be the same thing. You need to write content that’s compelling and useful to readers, and Google will know that you’re worth indexing higher.

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