5 WordPress Themes for Affiliate Bloggers

Looking to start with affiliate blogging? Here are five themes you should use to get started.

It can be overwhelming to select a page theme for your website thousands of free and charged choices are accessible to download and buy. Your focus is your website’s general appearance, sound, and design. This involves items such as color arrangement, components of layout, and design. Essentially, your internet motif represents your product directly and has a significant effect on the knowledge of your customers.

When you build an affiliate marketing income stream, you want your page to place well in Google outcomes. You also want to attractively show your affiliate material, and promote your tourists to tap on those affiliate connections. Add this: “Also, join high paying affiliate programs that give a high commission on one referral.

Affiliate Blogging

How do you know if the theme of your choice is good?

Themes that have been around for a long time, and several releases of them are obvious clues that the designer is creating constant adjustments to improve the design. Newspaper, one of WordPress’s most common theme, has over 57,000 revenues and is continually being modified. You can scroll to the top if you glance at it here to see the setup file and a catalog of all the modifications created each moment. This is an instance of a topic with excellent assistance for developers.

Themes - Newspaper

A well-constructed WordPress theme can help you meet these marketing goals for your affiliate, and you don’t have to invest much to get one.

So what are the best themes for affiliate bloggers?

We have selected five themes that have proven to be the most popular choice amongst affiliate bloggers. Check them out.

1. Advance eCommerce store

ThemeShopy’s Advance Ecommerce Store is a useful choice if you have on your web associate offers, coupon cards, and goods.

Themes - Advance Ecommerce Store

The feel of the theme is traditional e-commerce, allowing you to organize your listed ##s into classes. You can also add coupon cards at the bottom of the homepage, and show hot deals above the handle in the single image slider. You can put up your best deals or bestsellers in the sidebar, include testimonials, and show the recent articles.

Advance Ecommerce Store is SEO-friendly, responsive, and fast-loading. The unlimited edition allows you to connect up to four profiles on the personal press. The priced variant ($39) provides endless social media connections, extended possibilities for customization.

2. aReview

AThemes Review is designed for subsidiary marketers writing item reports and press reports.

Themes - aReview

The auto-scrolling poster slider of the theme shows four displayed pictures at the moment on a computer (one at the moment on a mobile), making it helpful for locations that show a ton of material. A collection of text extracts and displayed pictures below the belt include buying now and reading more switches. The neighboring sidebar (on tablet displays) allows visitors to leap to top-reviewed goods, personal media, and more.

The built-in customizer design instrument allows it a grip to alter the colors, front panel, and screen layouts of view to suit the image of your brand. You can also put up a new evaluation system by the customizer. Access to Google Fonts is also included— something that many themes give only in their priced variant. The private option of aReview contains updates and bug fixes.

There is no certified upgrade variant of aReview, which is uncommon, although some of its other topics are offered pro variants of aThemes.

3. Fastest

WPVKP’s Fastest helps find your partner page with schema markup and other SEO-friendly characteristics in Google results. Helping your websites stack quickly is also very lightweight so visitors will stay around and discover.

Themes - Fastest WordPress Theme

You can customize the colors and backdrop pictures of Fastest and generate flag and sidebar advertisements using the ad screen instruments. The layout of Fastest starts with a picture panel header accompanied by latest articles, so if you already have a ton of material for your page, it’s an excellent option.

Like aReview, fastest is only accessible as a temporary, unpaid upgrade alternative.


Juliet from Lyra Themes provides associate bloggers with a lovely website with its image-heavy layout that attracts tourists. It is also consistent with phone, fast-loading, and WooCommerce so you can construct your shop.

Theme - Juliet

Juliet shows a full-width image header on a laptop, accompanied by a four-column line of pictures from various blog classifications. Everything is displayed in a full row on smartphones. Juliet’s unlimited edition allows you to customize logos, overlay flag designs, background colors and pictures, and other layout components.

Juliet Pro provides header, slider, and video display choices ($35 plus $8/month for assistance and improvements). It also promotes widgets such as WP Instagram, MailChimp Subscription Form, and JetPack Social Media Sharing Icons to assist your public development through personal press and telephone promotions.

5. Lifestyle magazine

The Bootstrap Themes Lifestyle Magazine displays the material of your affiliate marketing site with a picture map above the roll (full phone picture). It helps your visitors discover something to pique their curiosity as quickly as they come.

Themes - Newspress

It’s quick and SEO-friendly, so shoppers looking for products and feedback can find you more accessible. It is also consistent with WooCommerce so you can readily buy your products.

Lifestyle Magazine’s unlimited edition arrives with a full design, header, and flag slider choice. It also provides drag-and-drop printing instruments, opportunities for header picture and flag, and social media instruments. The pro edition ($49) provides you with exposure to all Google Fonts, endless color choices, ad and ad-blocker counter instruments, and more design, header, and slider options.

Additional tips for picking your theme

Think about how they will operate with your material as you look at feasible themes. Check out the publishers site demos and see the demos on more than one device type. This is particularly crucial if you understand that most of your website traffic is or will originate from portable customers. There is less “true property” on a compact homepage to wow fresh viewers, so you want to create sure that your most excellent material appears and looks excellent.

To sum it up

Download the things you like least before you add to a genre and bring them out in live test format so you can see what your material will feel like. Once you create a choice and introduce your fresh design, track your usage metrics, bounce frequency, the moment invested on the web, and changes. You want to see whether your plan helps you develop your subsidiary advertising company or whether you need to create changes.

Author Bio – I am Neeraj Sharma, an expert of Linux and Windows support and founder of hostnetindia.com. I founded this web hosting company in 2010. This web hosting company is known for dedicated server infrastructure. The dedicated server is an essential internet space for giant online business.

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I am Neeraj Sharma an expert of Linux and windows support and founder of hostnetindia.com. I founded this web hosting company in 2010. This web hosting company is basically known for dedicated server infrastructure. Dedicated server is an essential internet space for giant online business.

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