5 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress Instead of Other CMS

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In the trending world, many people are always on the verge of developing websites that would suit their related business demands. This is why WordPress was designed to meet the expected demands of the surrounding community. WordPress is mainly an online platform that enables an individual easily open a website consisting of tools that written… Read More

Guide to Choosing a WordPress Caching Solution

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Prolonged loading durations and unable to load errors can affect your website’s credibility in multiple ways. Though there are many solutions to boost up your site speed, employing a successful caching solution can free you from these situations. Before getting to the exact point, let us discuss a clear overview of caching for our novice… Read More

How to Utilize the Full Potential of WordPress

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WordPress has become the most commonly used CMS (Content Management System) platform for hosting websites. Nowadays, it’s practically impossible to imagine running a business without a highly functional and reliable site to back it up. Today, thanks to WordPress, anyone can have just that; and the beauty of it all is that you don’t even… Read More

8 Things You Should Know Before Creating a WordPress Blog

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In the ancient times, people used to write on stone tablets, palm leaves, banana leaves, etc. There are several treatises written on the same mediums which are now immortalized in the museums and other preservation sites across the globe. With the advancement of time, the Gutenberg press was invented, and people thus started to write… Read More

This is Why Google Maps Widget is the Best Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

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If you have a local business and office with a real physical address, showing your location is something you shouldn’t skip when adding new pages to your site. Whether you have a complete website, portfolio or a simple landing page that’s up there to capture peoples’ attention, you just have to embed Google Maps and display… Read More

Giveaway worth $1,250 – Win Three Premium WordPress plugins from Web Factory

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over. That usually means discounts are on hold, and everyone’s waiting for Christmas in order to start new promotions. To make this in-between period a little bit more fun, we have decided to give away several licenses for our most popular WordPress products. Who would like an early Christmas… Read More

Interview: Stefano Ginella from WOptimize

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WOptimize.io is a newborn baby in the WordPress support and maintenance world. It has been launched in October 2017, thus it’s still quite small – right now the team counts only two members. The business has its headquarters in Italy but since the team considers themselves digital nomads they’re usually not in the same place… Read More

Interview: Nigel Jennings from WP Hero

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WP Hero started a couple of years ago and like a lot of support and management services, it morphed out of a web design/services company. They are a bit different though; there are two co-founders from different parts of the world – Nigel from Ireland and David from the US. The guys met in India… Read More

Interview: Phillip Koo from Zen WP

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Zen WP was a separate venture of advertising and creative agency (still growing today) in California back in 2013. At that time, Zen WP was actually called MemberFixers, which provided a range of technical support and services for membership websites on a subscription basis, not only for WordPress but also for Drupal. During the early… Read More

Interview: Brad Williams from Maintainn

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Maintainn is a WordPress maintenance company owned by WebDevStudios (WDS), a web design and development agency that specializes in creating WordPress websites for small businesses and enterprise level projects. In total, WDS has a team of 29 (not including COO, Lisa Sabin-Wilson, and Brad Williams), but Maintainn has five full-time employees that provide WordPress support… Read More