The Guide to Using Guest Blogging as a Link Building Strategy

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“This post is was written by a guest blogger.” How many times have you seen this while reading online stuff? According to Business Blogging Secrets Revealed report by Curata, 56 percent of business bloggers outsourced posts from guest bloggers or contributors. Source: Curata If guest blogging weren’t useful, it would have been used by so… Read More

6 Must Have Tools for Generating Unique Blog Topic Ideas

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Being a blogger is such a dream. At least it seems like it most of the time, doesn’t it? There will always be exceptional times when you find your job as a blogger extremely demanding. Personally, to me, writing comes easily. Because the basics of writing always remain the same. But finding “The Topic” to… Read More

6 Reasons Why Blog Ads Suck for Monetizing Your Site

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Many bloggers are under a false impression that they can build a website and sit back and relax, be witnessing ads raining money from the sky. The truth is that renting your digital real estate to advertisers is not the soundest course of action. You could waste much time chasing something that inherently leads you… Read More

5 Essential WordPress Plugins to Boost Blog Conversion

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WordPress is without a doubt the easiest and most popular website builder. Still, creating a blog on this platform does not automatically increase your blog conversions. ‘’Most website owners focus so much on bringing traffic to their site, that they completely forget about the most important factor that leads to a successful site – conversion…. Read More

10 Expert Blogging Tips

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Blogging is a cornerstone of any successful content marketing strategy. Businesses and individuals have been using this format of content delivery for generating traffic, link-building, SEO, and more, ever since its inception. The following tips were compiled by interpreting various experts from the blogosphere. 1. Help the Consumer A consumer typically browses online either to… Read More

5 Easy Ways to Become a Money Making WordPress Blogger

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WordPress is the most extensive content management system in the world. Every second, 17 posts are published on WordPress-powered sites around the globe, while more than 400 million people read its blogs each month. If you want to be a profitable blogger, you have to understand the basic principles of digital writing. In this article,… Read More

9 Crucial Tips to Attract Email Subscribers to Your Blog

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There are many advantages in having numerous subscribers, two of which are increased sales and enhanced website productivity. Before designing your marketing plan, brainstorm ideas and collect data on your customers’ interests. Next step is choosing the right tools for you. Then, implement the strategy, and get new clients! Check out the following tips on… Read More

Top 8 Mistakes Bloggers Make When Building an Email List

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As a budding blogger, one of the advice that you might have received from successful bloggers is that you need to have the following –a large group of people who read your blog posts every day. With an email list, you can create content, which you customize according to the needs of specific readers. For… Read More

8 Things You Should Know Before Creating a WordPress Blog

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In the ancient times, people used to write on stone tablets, palm leaves, banana leaves, etc. There are several treatises written on the same mediums which are now immortalized in the museums and other preservation sites across the globe. With the advancement of time, the Gutenberg press was invented, and people thus started to write… Read More

5 Steps to Write a Well-Shared Blog Article in 2018

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According to the latest WordPress stats, each month over 400 million Internet users read, or it’s better to say view, more than 23 billion web pages. Yes, people are more likely to view your blog post before they get interested enough to spend more than 15 seconds on reading it. A few surveys conducted in… Read More