Tricks for Getting Organic Traffic from Off-Page SEO

Whether you have been an expert working in the SEO industry or you are a novice dipping your toes, there is one element that should be absolutely clear-

If your SEO strategy is working today, it is not guaranteed to work after six months. Believe it or not, the world of search intent, keyword research, site maps, and increasing user experience depends greatly on understanding human psychology.

There is nothing more changeable than the human mind. It is either us dictating trends or vice versa, and there is the digital world on top of everything. So, if you plan to be an SEO expert in both off-page, and on-page SEO, understanding what the audience wants rather than what AI dictates is very important.

What Is Organic Traffic

According to experts of one of the top SEO services in Singapore, you get two kinds of traffic on your online content.

  • One is your redirected traffic, which ends up on your page from other sources.
  • The other is organic traffic which searches and ends on your page.

In terms of getting conversion out of traffic, organic traffic is the best kind. Probably because you target the audience, who are looking for you, they have a query or curiosity to which you are providing the answer.

This is what makes organic traffic the main gold for many eCommerce websites. Fortunately, there are SEO techniques that could help you get that traffic.

Tricks For Getting More Organic Traffic

Here are some of the common tips and tricks collected from top-tier SEO experts and agencies to build a stable organic traffic train. If you have just started with your website or venturing into digital marketing, these will help you get your audience’s attention in no time.

1. Concentrate On Search Intent

This is the first thing you have to do. It doesn’t include getting too deep into technical SEO or understanding complicated site mapping to ease your audience’s browsing. Here is how you proceed with a successful search intent strategy:

First, determine your own goal.

Second, understand the core group you would be targeting, like the demography, geography, and age group.

Third, decode the content, keywords, and aesthetic that they are most likely to look for.

2. Your Website SEO Is A Loophole

Often we think our website with no blogs is of no use. This is farthest from the truth since an empty website is also a loophole to get organic traffic and increase its overall health.

  • Your web content is a great source to implement trendy keywords.
  • The site map is excellent for enhancing the user’s experience.
  • Even the loading speed and easy navigation can greatly impact the audience. It can decrease your bounce rate and increase readability. Therefore, you are now in the good books of Google algorithm.

3. Update Contents Regularly

Just because the content is not doing well now doesn’t mean it will never. Do not allow too many de-indexed (when the content is no more in the search results). This puts a bad impression on your website as well.

Keep returning to your old content and optimize them to the recent trends.

4. User Friendliness

User-friendliness is making your content more welcoming to your audience. Whether it is your welcome message, blogs, or social media posts. This delves deeper into the audience’s psyche and explores what aesthetic and color schemes could attract them.

Not just the textual content. Plus, user-friendliness can also increase by making your content device-friendly and introducing chatbots and feedback panels.

5. Videos & Animation

Psychologist research has shown that audiences are more likely to be impacted by a good video or animation than text. If you are targeting a particular audience base, they are more likely to remember your brand with a good video or caricature character representing your brand.

Get Going Now!

Now that you have some of the groundbreaking SEO practices tricks, what are you waiting for?

  • First, make a list of things you need to change.
  • Second, create a brand new SEO strategy for 2023, keeping the pointers above in mind.
  • Third, start implementing them right away.

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