Four Places You Should Be Sharing Your Content

Sharing original content is a great way to grow your business and stand out online. However, getting started with content creating might not be as easy as it sounds, especially if you are new to the niche or do not have an existing audience. In the age when new substance is being posted every minute, you will want yours to have the best exposure possible, which is why we have compiled a list of places which have proven to be the most convenient when it comes to hosting original content.

#1 Websites that accept guest posts


Writing an article or blog post for another website is known as guest posting or guest blogging. It essentially means that you offer to write a guest post for someone, and the post contains a link leading to your website or you as a guest author. Guest posting is beneficial to both the blogger and the host blog, as in increases the authority of the guest blogger’s website and leads extra traffic to it. From the perspective of the host blog, guest blogging provides an additional value to their regular content and willingness to include someone else’s perspective and ideas.

Even though guest blogging is proven to benefit both sides, researching and finding places that accept guest posts might cost you a lot of time. This is why we have compiled the following of websites that will be more than eager to include you as a guest blogger.

#2 Social media

Social Media

Creating and sharing content on social media is an excellent way to stay both consistent and relevant while building a community. The more people engage with your content, the more people are going to see your products or services. Here are some useful tips regarding social media posting that will help you generate more traffic and reach a bigger audience.

Firstly, make sure you post consistently. Not posting for weeks and neglecting your social media will do not good for your organic reach and will only give away an impression of frivolity and indifferency, which your audience will not appreciate. The more frequently you post new content, the more the algorithm will show your posts organically, which means for free.

Next, do not forget to interact with your audience and users with similar interests. This works beautifully on, for example, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, where you will want to leave thoughtful comments to people who are interested in the same niche as you. This will capture both the attention of them and their audience, luring them explore to your profile and maybe even click that follow button and subscribe for more content from you in the future.

Lastly, make sure to connect with people on a personal level. Since the strongest connections are made with people, not brands, you will want your audience to experience a level of human connection even if your social media profile is all about your business. You can do that by collaborating with other content creators, answering questions or replying to comments. Engage with people and invite them to have an interaction with you, making sure you talk to them, not at them.

#3 Facebook groups

Even though, at first, you might think they are an odd place to share your content, Facebook groups are oftentimes a real treasuries for both finding and posting original content. Creating an impression of a close-knit communities and frequently related to specific niches, Facebook groups are an ideal place for sharing blog posts or media content. Of course, just like any type of online environment related to the social media, Facebook groups require interaction and contribution to the community and the topic the group is related to. Once you reach a certain authority or become recognized as the group’s household name, it will be much more convenient for you to promote and share your original content with the users who share the same passion as you.

#4 User-generated platforms

Social Media Calendar

Lastly, user-generated platforms are an excellent choice when it comes to sharing content and gaining a certain audience, even if you have just started your journey as a content creator. Let us begin with, a platform which enables you to curate and share the very best of the Internet. Since its algorithm is quick to learn about your interests, is convenient as both as research and a networking tool, allowing you to learn more about a certain niche and people’s passions, as well as connect with an abundance of new customers and partners.

The second user-generated platform great for sharing original content is the self-proclaimed ‘front page of the Internet’ – Reddit. Even though it is place where the content is curated exclusively by the users and their upvotes, getting traffic from Reddit still requires consistent contribution to the communities. However, even though your exposure on Reddit might result in extra traffic towards your website or channel, make sure not to spam the users and blatantly shove your content in their faces. Instead, gain your peer’s trust by supporting other users and their content, commenting their posts and adding value to the subreddits you are subscribed to.


In the era when creating original content has never been easier, it has also never been harder to stand out and capture the attention of Internet users. Their decision to click that subscribe or follow button depends solely on your approach towards the content you are creating, which includes finding convenient places to share it with the world. To sum up, make sure to give blog posting a try with the help of our list of websites which accept guest posting, invest time in your social media presence, contribute to the community of closed Facebook groups and add value to user-generated platforms. By following these tips, your content will be more likely to generate organic and brand-new traffic from people who are willing to stay and subscribe for more original content from you in the future.

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