Tips To Improve The Idea Phase Of The Design Process

The idea phase - first stop for every project - is always the hardest of them all. Here are some tips to improve the idea phase.

The design process is necessary for any project you decide to undertake, regardless of its size. It is this process that helps you generate innovative ideas and maintain order and organization from the beginning to the end of the project. In this way, the design process becomes very important for creativity, an element of importance in everyday life of every web and app designer.

These can ensure the success of the project, and, for this reason, you must know them. In this article, we focus on the idea phase of the design process since it is usually one of the most tedious and problematic for any designer. As for some of the mundane repeatable tasks involved in the design process, you can leave that to Design Automation. We present some useful tips that will be of great help in this phase of the process.

Be clear about the problem

It is often said that designers solve problems, and this is true. The client has a specific request, a message to communicate, and an audience he wants to reach. The designers are in charge of creating the specific pieces so that the contact between the brand and the users is made.

Problem Solving

Of course, not only designers intervene. In many cases, the area of ‚Äč‚Äčadvertising and creative editors are also involved. It all depends on how big the customer’s order is. If it is a complete campaign, usually a design and advertising agency take care of it because they have a complete group of diverse specialists, each of them necessary in each phase.

Then, before thinking about solutions, think well about the problem. The client may not know exactly what the problem is. In that case, you will have to ask a series of questions to find out what the customer wants when redesigning your website.

Research the end-user

Once you have understood all the details of the customers’ order and the purpose for which they want to renew their website, create an online store, application, or whatever your specific order is, it is important to understand the public to which the product is directed.

Finally, the design you make is for them and not for your client.

The most common is to have information about the gender and age range of users. Although these are considered as basic data, it may also be helpful to create customer profiles. These profiles can be the most specific possible and help to understand the user and their needs. This way, you can create a product that pleases the audience to which it is addressed.

Work with sticky notes

One of the most popular techniques used in many agencies around the world is the use of sticky notes, photographs, and even textures on a wall. All these elements are placed in an organized manner, taking into account the existing connections between each element.

Design Printed

It is done based on stickers so you can move each note to other places that you consider more appropriate. It is a great way to display your ideas visually and have a broader view of the problem and its possible solutions. This technique is especially useful if you work in teams and use different colors of markers and notes.

Make previous sketches on paper

Previous designs and ideas must be printed on paper. Making quick sketches on paper not only helps you understand your ideas better but keeps your mind active to continue searching for possible solutions. A sketch helps you explore possibilities.


If it is done on paper, it is easier to be able to disconnect from it. It could be the case that you are very attached to a design that you have developed on the computer, even if it is a sketch. Not to mention that making paper sketches is a great way to relax and let creativity keep flowing.

Accept constructive criticism

If you have done proper research, it is quite likely that, after many hours of work, an idea will emerge that stands out from the others. Often, this winning idea is usually the evolution of another idea or even the combination of several. But it must continue to evolve to become a product.


It is in this phase where it becomes important to involve other people. Actually, from the beginning, it is best to have a creative team to work with because the more the people involved, the more the different perspectives and opinions presented. But if, for some reason, you are working on a project on your own, all phases will have to be overcome only with the help of your client.


The idea phase, together with the research phase, are two of the most tedious of the design process. It is necessary to have several creative strategies and techniques that serve us as support at this stage, particularly if we work on our own. And a couple of tips are never too much when it comes to developing your creativity and using it in your favor in your client’s projects.

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