5 Ways To Make Your Blogs More Compelling

Learn how to make a post that stands out from the crowd

So, you would like to make your blog posts and articles more appealing, but you do not know how to develop appropriate writing.

Some you will develop yourself, some you will discover by reading blogging tips, like this one. You have to read all the time in order to learn.

Okay, by now, you already acquired your preferred CMS platform which we assume is WordPress and have, as well, decided to go with the WordPress blog theme that best resonates with you and your project idea. In fact, you already have your beautiful page concocted and live, with a few posts published, but something feels eerie.

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Your articles don’t emerge potently. The actual writing, although sufficiently high quality, is just not readable. Or it might go with an uneventful and drear title than no one even bothers reading to the end.

To appreciate your blogs to the highest degree, everything must be refined and accurate. Indeed, it is not easy putting together both engaging and valuable blog posts.

Start from your heart first and later do all the fancy stuff.

1. Craft a headline that sparks their interest

The headline preferably is the first thing to do. Yet again, there are those who come up with a killer title mid writing the text. No matter how you approach headlines, make sure you do it in a way that will intrigue them. Make them curious about the topic and boost your click-through-rates through the roof. Do not expect any decent results with a dull and boring headline. They will not bite.

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In this day and age, there is so much stuff going on all around us and on the devices we use to browse the web, you need to find a way to stand out from the masses. Go against the norm. Only then, you can start seeing the fantastic results you desire for yourself through your blog.

One clever rule to follow when structuring headlines: keep things simple and to the point. And numbers work well, too.

2. Write in a personal manner and engage your readers

When running a blog, you are probably not doing any technical writing unless it is a 100% tech and science-oriented blog. Well, that is something we might chat about some other time.

As far as personal blogs go, indeed, you want to write in an intimate tone. No need to be formal but rather be informal. It will surely perform much better.

You know how they say, “Write a blog post as you would talk to your best friend.”

Before you fully commit, take an in-depth look at the blogs you enjoy reading the most. See how they write and how they engage with their readers through their compelling, interesting, exciting and cool sentences. Take notes of what works on you and try to implement similar strategies in your writing style. Just do not sound like a robot.

3. Share statistics (even your experience!)

Regardless of the topic you write about, try and share something interesting about the subject. Now, if you write about research or a study, you would surely want to share some statistics and gripping facts. For some reason, statistics are always a proven strategy that works with the majority of readers. Just like numbers in titles work quite well (depending what you write about), so do stats and other fascinating details in the copy.

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On the other hand, the easiest, as well as the fastest way to get some breathtaking info out is to simply share your experience. Do not hesitate and go full-tilt telling your captivating story. Surprisingly, you might find many relate to what you just wrote, and the conversation will start to take off in the comments section. People will stay longer on your page, return, and a community will form.

Before you notice your blog starts growing, gets broadcasted on social media and you reach levels you never anticipated ever to attain. Now is your chance to scale above and beyond and bring your little blog to the next level. The level of extreme.

4. Don’t hold yourself back and ask questions

You definitely need to approach writing engagingly for your readers. Do not be a merchant as releasing anything but the boring news will not get you far.

While you already nailed down your writing skills and have a solid text put together, it is time to do one more thing. Ask a question. Yes, it is that simple but something we forget about habitually. You can ask a question at the beginning, somewhere in the middle or at the end of your article. It could be one, or it could be a few. There is no right or wrong approach to how many questions you need/should ask.

It could also be something simple like, “Have you ever thought about asking questions in your articles?” Just to get things going. To get them thinking and wondering. The best part? A discussion might start in your comments section. Or even better, it might get them talking with their friends about this awesome discovery that they just realized after you asked them this particular question.

Not only that, with questions you break the text and make it appear more fathomable and even more fun.

5. Implement visual content

No one wants to read blocks of text. That’s correct, no one. It is boring and tedious, and that will get them pressing the back button as soon as possible. Instead, add images and videos, charts or other visual content that will grab their attention. You know how the saying goes; a picture is worth a thousand words.

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With this sort of material, you can create enticing and epic pieces of work that will stand out a mile. You can use your photos (by far the best option!), screenshots, stock images (free and premium), you name it, the options are numerous. And similar applies to video content, tables, and other whatnot.

You can also create an infographic or other graphics and take that extra step and get closer to the success you want to achieve. Using short sentences and paragraphs is something that will be welcome too.

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