How Email Can Be a Great Marketing Strategy for Recruitment

Email is a great marketing strategy for a lot of things, including recruitment. Learn why in the text below!

Recruitment is the building block for any organization. Getting the right candidate can provide you with massive benefits and choosing the wrong one can make you face the consequences.

An enormous ROI of 122% and around 3.9 billion active users make email a great fit for the recruitment process of your business.

Let’s dive in straight away and have a look at the benefits of choosing email as a medium for the recruitment process of your business.

1. Making a tailored email

Gmail dashboard

It is a human tendency that our brain gets activated whenever it sees or hears our name. Therefore, writing a personalized email is imperative. You must add the candidate’s name in the subject lines to draw their attention at the first glance.

One more aspect to keep in mind is that if you are using automation software to send your emails to the candidates, it is always recommended to check them first as you would not want to send such an email to your candidates whom you might have probably shortlisted.

Take a look at this personalized email that goes beyond the first name. It perfectly uses the power of “three” paragraphs and prompts the recipient to reply to the email with an engaging copy.

Marketing opportunity email

2. Getting a follow-up

Recruiters find it too difficult to invest their time to call and ask every candidate for a follow-up. Getting the job done with emails, especially when integrated with a candidate management system, makes it efficient and smooth too.

Emails leave a trail and you can come back anytime to have a proper lookup of the candidate. Emails provide relief to both the recruiter and the candidate as both of them do not get into the private space of each other and can read and reply to them at any time and as per their liberty and proper understanding.

Keeping it simple is the key, just asking about a follow up in just 3-4 lines will get the job done for you.

3. Being in touch with candidates

Woman at job interview

The recruitment process is not a one-day job. It could take several weeks to months to complete the process of getting the right candidates for the profile and your organization.

According to research, finding the best fit for a company takes around 42 days and that is probably a very long wait for a candidate.

Hence, it becomes very crucial to engage with the candidates you are willing to hire instantly and develop good relations with the ones you don’t want at present but could be your future lot. In both cases, your emails must work in a manner to get the best fit for your recruitment process.

Your communication through emails must be such that the candidates should not think that they have not made it otherwise they might lose interest in your company and lack of communication can make you lose a good candidate for your organization.

Reducing the communication gap can be possibly done through email or phone calls but calls are not an option for recruiters who generally have a busy schedule. The best possible way is to send an email to the candidates and keep in touch with them.

Here are a few tips to make the recruitment process healthy and engaging for the right hunt:

  • Delivering a brief email just after the interview stating that the selection process is underway
  • Taking timely follow-ups
  • Answering the candidate’s queries

Application status email

4. Finding candidates from the database

Every organization has a database that consists of candidates that did not make it previously but are still worthy of other posts in your company.

Interacting with such candidates is quite easy through an email as they are already in your database and email lists.

Having emails as your daily driver for recruitment has an added benefit of having the vital information of your candidates.

This can come in handy as it informs you what the candidates want and what skills he or she possesses that can be valuable for your company.

Emails make it a breeze to re-engage with the candidates with whom you have engaged previously as they are already in your database. You can share a new job opening with them without having to look for other candidates on the job portals.

5. Optimizing the emails for mobile

Email inbox on phone

46% of the emails are now opened on mobile devices and studies show that emails are more seen now on mobiles than desktops. This makes optimization of emails for mobiles very crucial.

For better engagement, the candidate must be able to see your emails on a mobile device without having to continuously zoom in and zoom out on the email.

This can be easily done with help of email developers that offer you pre-designed, responsive templates that can be readily customized based on your needs for the best fit of the role.

Rather, the best option here is to hire an email marketing professional who would take care of all the optimization processes for various platforms that you require.

6. Timing your emails right

Sending the emails at the right time is of utmost importance if you want to get the candidates to reply. Research by Yesware has revealed that you can get maximum email reply rates on weekends.

Email reply rates

A good idea is to schedule your emails for Sunday evenings as your prospective employees are most likely to be preparing for the week ahead. It increases the likelihood of getting a response from them.

Having put forth the best ways of how email can be the right marketing strategy for recruitment there are certain things that you should avoid and the list goes as under:

Things to avoid:

  • Sending irrelevant emails to candidates(spamming)
  • Being unclear and not providing enough details of the recruitment process
  • Using strange email addresses
  • Getting too friendly with your emails
  • Vague and boring subject lines
  • Spelling and grammatical errors
  • Hiding the unsubscribe button
  • Adding free, no cost, no obligations in the subject lines because this can make your email land in the spam folder

Wrapping it up

Human resources are the biggest assets of any organization and hunting the right fit for the job openings should never be compromised at any level.

The process of recruitment that can be aided with the right communication through emails must be undertaken in the right way to benefit both, your organization as well as the candidate because a misfit always proves fatal.

Happy recruiting.

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