The Latest Banner Ad Design Trends That Pervade the Internet in 2020

Need help creating your banner ads? Here are the top trends for 2020 to get you inspired.

Banner ad design is booming with the global obsession with YouTube. But the truth is viewers have short attention spans, so the banner design is critical to grabbing the attention of viewers.

You need to pay attention to trends for banner design ideas to make those banners ads get noticed.

Read on to learn how to find a free banner maker or how to get banner ad design ideas that are hot right now.

Think Mobile

The tech world is being driven by mobile compatibility. You already know how the banner ad appears in a variety of tech formats matters. Start with the mobile banner first.

Think mobile

Create a strong graphic design style in the mobile format. Then build-up to the other size formats from there. Many are finding the design aesthetic doesn’t work to go in reverse.

Logo Visibility

No matter the banner design style, the logo or company name matter. Consider the design trends and style choices. But pay attention to company logos. It’s such an important part of branding to have that consistency.

Design Trends

There are some new trends in 2020 for banner marketing. Use these banner design ideas to create a powerful banner marketing ad.

Muted Colors

This is one case where bright is not better. The design trend is to go muted with softer dreamier colors.

The idea is to take the brighter palette and desaturate those colors with either black or white.

Color Gradients

This trend takes color and uses a whole series of shades and tones from that color. Whether it’s in the background or part of the graphics, gradient color is a hot trend.

Use Color Gradients

Photo Effects

You already know the importance of using quality photography. This trend takes a quality photo and adds photo effects. These effects might include manipulating the photo, remix, and enhancement of the photo.


Just like when you layer your colds, the same is true for layer graphic design.

This takes images, text, and graphics and layers them across the banner design.

Heavy Font Style

The heavy font trend follows some trends in design decor. While there are not as many other elements, the font is big and bold.

Photo Collage

Why use one great photo when you could use four or more? The photo collage trend has designers using multiple photos to be attention-grabbing.

Photo Collage


The minimalist approach really is different than all the previous choices. It uses the less is more philosophy. Instead of lots of photos or graphics, it uses the minimalist approach with very simple design aesthetics.

Abstract Illustrations

These are not simple drawings or graphics. The idea here is to go with bold abstract design features.

Smart Ad Marketing Using These Banner Ad Design Ideas

Use these banner ad design ideas to create ads that will capture viewers’ attention and make the ad buy an effective one.

You’re ready to create advertisements that people will love.

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