10 Tips on How to Write Content for Essay Writing Service

Wondering if your content is good enough for your essay writing service? Implement these 10 tips, and go from "good enough" to "extraordinary"!

Writing isn’t always about your rich vocabulary and outstanding style. This job includes many aspects a good author has to keep if he or she wants to compose flawless papers.

Besides, you have to remember that a customer is expecting to get a well-tailored text that will definitely impress a professor.

Usually, students need assistance when it comes to papers and they often don’t have other variants than saying “write my essay”. Our tips will help you to provide them with excellently fulfilled tasks, improve your skills, and become the top author.

The Best 10 Tips for Writing Excellent Texts

If you want to come up with impressive content and become the top author of professional essay writing service, these tips are just what you need:

1. Conduct research

Your head just can’t contain the whole information and, what is more, you can’t use unproven facts in your texts.

That is why you have to explore the topic carefully by using and checking trustful resources. Of course, Google is the king today and you can find everything there. You can also use Wikipedia to get any data: geography, biography, physics, economics, etc.

And if you have time and desire to learn the information from your experience, you’re welcome! Visit museums, galleries, libraries and other places to get some specific data.

2. Explore the instructions

Online essay writing services provide customers with texts that meet all their requirements. That is why authors must learn the instructions they get with an order.

Usually, these directions contain data connected with the type and length of a paper, topic, deadlines, etc. And you also have to pay attention to the requirements connected with the format of a text. Use the demanded one when writing:

  • MLA;
  • Harvard;
  • APA;
  • Turabian;
  • Chicago, etc.

3. Make a draft

It’s an important part of writing because you’re preparing the base for a core of your paper.

Once you explored the topic and collected the needed information, choose the main idea, problems, supportive details, and facts of the subject. Of course, this list may change depending on a type of paper: essay, research, précis, biography, etc. But the main idea of a draft will stay.

You can write down the core thoughts and add bullet points containing the facts or details that explain why they are so essential.

4. Start with the introductory part

Creating content for essay writing service means that your text must be perfect, and the structure is an essential aspect of an excellent paper.

A good writer always starts with an introduction that contains a brief explanation of what the text is about. In some cases, you’ll have to write the topic of an article or novel, date of publication, the author’s name.

Custom essay writing service provides clients with different sorts of papers from essays to dissertations, and the data mentioned in the introduction part also depends on them.

5. Write the body text

This part contains the key thoughts of a topic you’re writing about.

If you have a few main ideas, divide a text into paragraphs. In this way, you will separate key points and make your essay readable for the audience. Write a few sentences in each paragraph to support the statement with arguments. Use proven facts to explain why this idea is so essential, and if you have more than one supportive detail, it’s better to write bullet points.

6. Write shorter sentences


Some writers like to use long phrases but it’s not the best variant when it comes to reading. They often lose the main thought of the phrase and it’s hard to understand what they wanted to say.

Write brief sentences containing less than 30 words.

7. Help the reader understand you

If you’re not writing instructions or official documents, use simple words that will be understandable for a reader.

Of course, some topics require the presence of terminology and you just have to use complicated phrases. But in case it’s not needed, write the words from your everyday life and you’ll be closer to a reader.

8. Write a conclusion

In this part, you will sum up what you’ve written. You can mention the key ideas once again and explain their importance shortly or describe their influence today. It’s the final line of the entire paper.

9. Revise and edit

You finished the text and now you have to revise it and check if it is grammatically correct.

There are a few ways to remove all the spelling and punctuation errors or change some words for synonyms. You can read the text for a few times by yourself, ask someone from your encirclement to look through it, or hire someone to do it for you.

Or, you can go ahead, just like most authors do, and use the right grammar and proofreading tools to help you out.

Some of the most popular editing services are:

  • Grammarly;
  • Hemingway App;
  • Power Thesaurus.

10. Check your text for plagiarism

Remember that you have to provide original content that will contain fresh thoughts and not the copied phrases. Check your text for plagiarism and change the sentences if there are matches with other sources on the Web.

Try the following online tools to verify the uniqueness of your paper:

  • Grammarly Plagiarism Checker;
  • Unicheck;
  • PlagScan.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes a cheap writing service is the best solution for students who need help with their academic tasks. Of course, they expect to get a flawless paper when they order a text.

If you want to provide them with excellent content and become highly rated by customers, start using our tips now!

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