Easy Ways To Scale Your Website and Company Growth

Scaling your business is a must, yet it is often a difficult task. Here are a couple of easy ways guaranteed to bring you visible results!

So you created a thriving and growing business.

First up, congratulations!

It’s not easy to achieve product or service market fit in today’s competitive business environment. But before you rest up, you have an excellent opportunity to expand and grow your business.

If you’re serious about this, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to walk you through three ways you can scale your website and company’s growth sustainably.

Option 1: Hire Custom Developers

You may have a website that lists your products or services, but you believe it’s time to boost your site’s capabilities. One approach is to hire custom developers to scale out your existing site or build a new website.


Custom development is the gold-standard of website building.

With a custom developed website, you can create the website around your business needs and target audience as opposed to following a pre-made template or online website editor.

You will be able to:

  • Completely customize the design
  • Add new functionalities
  • Create back-ups of your site
  • Protect the website against hackers, crashes, and development errors

All of this sounds great, but a custom developed site comes at a steep cost.

Custom website development is expensive, so be prepared to stockpile some money. Alternatively, you can get a small business loan, so that you can improve your existing web presence.

If you’re getting a custom developed website, we recommend focussing on:

User Experience Design

With over 342 million sites worldwide, your website needs to be well-designed to stand out.

Mobile Responsiveness

48% of users say that if a business’ website is not mobile-friendly, they’ll think that the company doesn’t care.

Page Load Times:

53% of visitors will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Load times are increasingly important if you’re also looking to boost your content marketing efforts through podcasts, videos, a knowledge base, and high res. Images.

Option 2: Offer Online Booking, Invoicing, and Processing

Leveraging online solutions to grow your business isn’t easy. You will need to have your existing systems and software app ready for use.

For example, let’s say you’re a business that only accepts manual bookings. If you want to scale your growth, you will need to find an appropriate online booking software that can track your existing bookings, accept new bookings, and schedule them appropriately.

But it doesn’t end with bookings. Scaling your company’s growth can involve moving key features like bookkeeping, invoicing, and payment processing online through a booking software like supersaas.com, for instance.


The process is not simple, but that’s why all-in-one online tools exist.

 All-in-one tools like Housecall pro, are software solutions that aid service businesses with their sales, operations, and customer service efforts.

The more you can streamline these functions, the more clients you can handle, and the more sales you can make.

If you sell products that can be easily delivered, you should also consider selling online via outlets like Shopify or Bigcommerce. They’re e-commerce platforms that have everything required to help you set up and sell online right away.

Option 3: Invest in SEO

SEO is the process of optimizing a website, so it performs well in organic search on search engines like Google. A higher ranking can lead to higher traffic to your site. Web traffic is, however, not just impressions.

They are people searching for a solution to their problem. If a prospect types in specific keywords on Google and your website comes up, they are now aware that you have a solution to their problem.

While SEO is a long-term strategy to gain leads, it’s a worthy investment. SEO will, however, require top of the line content. SEO is about finding websites that have relevant keywords.

So if you can produce content that contains relevant keywords, your content will rank well. It will also require you to create new content continuously.


To get started, we recommend putting together an SEO and content marketing plan.

You can begin by building:

  • A list of sub-topics that are related to your topic
  • A list of long-tail keywords based on these topics
  • Pages for each long-tail keyword

You should set up a blog and blog at least once a week to develop page authority for these long-tail keywords.

Wrapping Up!

Scaling your company’s growth can be a tricky task, but there are many ways you can go about expanding the business.

It could be boosting your website’s capabilities by hiring custom developers, automating manual business procedures, and investing in an SEO and content strategy.

If you’re committed to building your business, then we recommend taking on these new challenges. They will disruptive to your business’ operations at first.

But they’re all long-term investments that can help you ride your next wave of growth.

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