The One Popup That Increased Their Conversions by 150%

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Let’s talk about exit-intent popups. In general, this lead gen strategy gets a lot of bad press. Yet, as our experiments show, exit-intent popups is an incredibly easy-to-implement and effective conversion optimization tool. Our last experiment achieved a nearly 20% increase in order rates! Implementation is everything Typically, a popup will get a bad rap… Read More

WordPress SEO Mistakes that Can Wreck Your Website’s Conversion Rate

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Just when you think you know everything about SEO or Search Engine Optimization, something happens and reminds you how complicated it can be. There are too many variables involved — so much that even experienced digital marketers overlook certain aspects of their WordPress SEO from time to time. But that’s to be expected. After all,… Read More

How to Optimize a WordPress Database to Run Faster

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“If your business isn’t online, it doesn’t exist” was a common saying in the middle of the last decade. It was, is, and will be true, but it’s no longer enough. Nowadays, your business not only needs a website but it should load quickly on any mobile device. People aren’t patient enough to wait for… Read More