Your Guide to Building SEO Friendly Landing Pages (that also Convert!)

Why the landing page is so important and how to make your landing page great so you can start enjoying more leads?

Your landing page needs to pull double-duty. You need something SEO friendly, but you also want sales. You can do both. Here’s how.

E-Commerce makes up about 10% of all retail transactions. That number may seem low to some people, but in truth, it represents trillions of dollars.

How do people manage to sell so much online? For many, the answer to that question is by creating awesome landing pages.

If you’re interested in creating landing pages or already have one that’s not getting the traffic that you want, making your page SEO friendly so that search engines will rank it is a way that you can start enjoying more leads. According to one leading SEO Sydney company, a staggering 43% of businesses in the United States are now investing in SEO to boost their online presence and build trust.

Not sure how to do that? Just follow our tips below.

Know Your Audience

Preferably before you start building your landing pages or working on making them SEO friendly, you’re going to want to understand who your customer avatar is. Your customer avatar is the person that your product is targeted at and the person who is (likely) going to be landing on your page. By having a good idea of your customer, you can create copy that speaks to them and their pain points directly. The more pointed your landing page’s copy is at your target demography, the more sticky your landing page will be, which will help boost its SEO ranking.

Focus on a Primary and Two Secondary Keywords

Now that you know who your customer avatar is, it’s time to consider what they’re searching for online. For example, if you’re selling an info-product that teaches people how to jump higher, you need to think about what the search term is that people in your market are typing into Google to find the information you’re selling.

Is it “how can I jump higher”? Maybe it’s “jump higher fast”.

Whatever the terms are, you need to suss them out by using keyword research tools. We recommend sprinkling a primary keyword in throughout your landing page’s copy and dabbing in a couple of secondary keywords where appropriate as well. For instance, if you have a website that offers electrical services, it would be best focus on the keywords “electrical services”. Read more here.

Get Your Word Count Up

The more opportunities you have to naturally slip your keyword into your landing page, the better chances your page will have of surfacing high in search engines.

We get that most landing pages are built to convert. In order to do that, words are typically sparse as the focus is more on getting people to click “Buy Buttons”.

You’re going to want to balance both of those aims, SEO and conversions, by giving people plenty of opportunities to convert on your landing page while also keeping your landing page’s copy dense.

Ensure That Your Landing Pages Are Mobile Optimized

The vast majority of people that are accessing the internet today are doing so via mobile phones. If your landing page isn’t mobile optimized, you could be losing around 75% of your leads.

Not to mention that search engines like Google don’t even like to rank non-mobile-friendly pages anymore.

Double Check Metadata

Search engines look at a lot more than your consumer-facing copy to determine whether or not your landing page is SEO friendly. One of the key things that Google checks for that is invisible to the untrained eye is metadata.

Important metadata to update for your landing page includes your page’s title, your image’s alt-text, and video transcription data.

All of your metadata should incorporate your primary keyword and if possible, your secondary keywords.

Add Some Links

Having a solid link portfolio on your landing page can help let Google know that your page is attempting to be credible.

For Google, a healthy amount of external links means that you might be using citations. The same goes for internal links.

If Google thinks that your writing is credible then it will assume that it provides a heightened value to readers. That assumption will go well for your SEO friendly ambitions.

Make Your Content Useful

Landing pages that have aspirations to be SEO friendly shouldn’t be all about selling. They should also be useful.

If your landing page is educating people half as much as it’s trying to sell them on taking action, readers might be inclined to share your landing page with their followers who they feel could benefit from the valuable information that you’re sharing.

Shares mean more backlinks to your landing pages. Shares also mean a bump in traffic.

Both of those factors are cues that Google and other search engines look at to help determine SEO rankings.

Work with Pros

It can be hard to build a landing page, yet alone one that’s primed to rank well in search engines. To ensure that you don’t end up wasting a ton of time on a page that never gets seen, we recommend working with a professional web design service.

Not all web design service providers are expensive, by the way. As a matter of fact, some professional products are downright cheap!

Our team at UnderConstructionPage offers a variety of SEO optimized landing page templates that you can purchase for much less than you’d pay if you had a developer build you a page from scratch.

Wrapping up Our Guide to Building SEO Friendly Landing Pages

In a world where conversion tells us to keep things poignant and SEO tells us to go into detail, it can be hard to create SEO friendly landing pages.

Our advice… Create detailed landing pages that are built with a specific audience in mind and are focused on well-researched keywords.

Amidst the dense and valuable information that your landing page provides, give readers multiple opt-in opportunities to ensure that they aren’t required to wade through everything that you’re saying in order to buy your product.

Also, to ensure that your landing page is fully optimized for today’s World Wide Web, consider checking out one of our professionally built landing page templates now!

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