An Online NFL Blog Won’t Go Anywhere Unless It’s Monetized

An online blog is often born out of an interest or passion for something in particular. Even starting as a simple hobby, the authors dedicate a lot of energy and time to their projects. However, this hard work and effort don’t do much good unless the content is promoted professionally. Provided that the prerequisites are fulfilled, writers have plenty of options available to them to generate revenue from their endeavors.

NFL blogs are already popular but continue to gain ground. As sports betting adds more followers, blogs that accurately discuss NFL odds and picks are more important than ever. However, NFL content creators have to know how to make them work properly to get the most out of the potential traffic.


Avoid Pitfalls

One of the most common mistakes made by those who intend to monetize their blog is not properly defining a thematic area, both from a strategic point of view and thinking about one’s own motivation, to cover a clearly defined topic that is of interest and passion. When creating an NFL blog, creators must first consider the approach they want to take.

It’s important to focus on a specific target audience and create a loyal group of readers that is lucrative for those advertisers who might want to place a banner on a specific topic on the blog. Target audience segmentation is very important for companies, especially for affiliate programs that only work in the right context.

When it comes to marketing, print advertising expenses are based on the worth of the ad space, whereas in the online domain, the amount generated by the post decides its value. Although a blog garnering a few hundred daily visitors may not appear ideal to many advertisers, it’s essential to note that a small but engaged audience with specific areas of interest can attract other advertisers.

What’s clear is that traffic is the lynchpin of pay-per-click advertising and an important variable for affiliate marketing, but you don’t get a large audience overnight. To win followers, the blogger needs perseverance and commitment. To maintain them, a steady flow of relevant content is necessary.

Networking is an important factor for the success of a blog, since relevance is also achieved thanks to a wide network of contacts. For this, it’s important to put aside concerns regarding competition and link to good content from other blogs.

Whether posts are shared or fragments are cited, the link with the competition provides a double advantage: on the one hand, the readers of your blog perceive it as a service, and instead of losing them, you position yourself as a website that offers relevant content.

Traditional Sources Of Income

There are a number of ways to monetize an NFL blog. Some are easy; some are more difficult. Some require a lot of interaction, while others – although not as lucrative – can work on their own.


Direct Marketing

As a blogger engaged in direct marketing, purchasing ad space on your webpage for advertisers can prove highly advantageous. It allows you to keep all earnings generated to yourself, unlike AdSense or comparable services.

Sponsored Posts

With sponsored posts, bloggers are not paid by advertising but by editorial content. They receive compensation for writing positive articles about a particular product or topic or by publishing targeted copy written for the audience of the company or agency.

The reach of the blog, the work invested and the topical relevance determine the compensation paid for the article. In many marketing agencies, cooperation with blogs is part of their day-to-day, but many bloggers struggle to find the middle ground between sponsored posts and real content.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is based on the principle of recommendation, and with it, the authors receive a commission when they recommend a product or service in their articles. The registration for these programs is usually free, but the payment only arrives if their readers follow the links and complete a transaction (a purchase or registration, for example).

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