How to Use Instagram to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Have you tried using Instagram to drive traffic to your website? If not, the text below will teach you how it's done!

We know how it is these days; everyone wants to be their own boss. Going into business is not the main issue here; building an amazing website and driving traffic to it is the main issue most entrepreneurs have.

According to research, people have taken to social media to advertise their products, and as of when social media adverting started, people concentrated on Facebook because it had the highest population. But in recent times, Instagram has taken over the internet because research reported that as of 2018, Instagram had over 2 billion active users and a higher content engagement rate. It’s now three years later, the number of users must have doubled, which has made Instagram the most used and highly populated social media platform.

It is growing rapidly, which has attracted various brands to use the Instagram platform for marketing their products. Very often Instagram users look for opportunities to buy Instagram views to get more exposure. Every brand is seeking attention from its target audience, but why is it difficult to drive traffic to your website from Instagram? This has always been a problem because Instagram doesn’t permit dropping links that people could click on and be redirected to your website. However, the more Instagram views account has, the better it is promoted, and the more followers will see your content and want to visit your website. That is why many people resort to using an Instagram growth tool.

Now, how can you use Instagram to drive traffic to your website?

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Creating a website is not the problem; the real problem is driving traffic to your website, and this has been a struggle for so many people. With the amount of wrong information that is being put out on the internet by people who think they are smart enough to swindle people of their money, desperate brand owners have been misguided. Most of those videos about driving traffic to your website might not be the answer to your problem.

So where lies your answer? We will list out a few ways to drive traffic to your website using Instagram, but be aware that these things don’t happen overnight; it takes time and patience. Read further to discover simple ways in which you can use Instagram to drive traffic to your website.

Try to insert links in your bio

It is evident that Instagram is one social media platform that is not link-friendly, and the only way you can use a link is by encouraging people who view your page to click on the link in your bio. For instance, if you post a picture of your product on your page, write a compelling message, and then include something like “link in bio”.

Before you go ahead to write that, you must update your bio so that it links to that particular product. To do this you can use platforms like Linktree or Shorby to easily add more links in your bio in a nice looking page. You can’t just paste a link while dropping a caption because people don’t have the patience to copy and paste a link just to get to your website.

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Whether you are trying to drive traffic to your website or link to a blog post or an event, ensure your captions are very catchy and straight to the point so they can be convincing enough to users. That way, they get to check out your profile and click on the link for more information.

Another interesting thing is the fact that those links in your bio need to be branded; they should feature the name of your brand, a keyword, and the lead of the link because it is an easy way to increase the trust of your audience and also increase your brand awareness.

Just to be on the safe side, you can use a link shortener and a tracking service so you can track the people who come to your website from Instagram.

Use the Instagram story feature more often

Using Instagram stories to drive traffic to your website has proven to be very useful. When you post your product on your story and write a captivating message, keeping it short and simple and also making sure anyone who sees it will want to know more out of curiosity, the person will be tempted to view your page and profile, and if there’s a link in your bio, you just earned a visitor.

What makes an Instagram story unique is that users are always notified when a story has been updated, and if you click on one story that popped up on your screen, it automatically takes you to the next story.

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When that story gets away too quickly, the user is curious to know more. Most businesses are aware of this secret and have been using the Instagram story feature to get their target audience’s attention. Once you get the desired attention from your story, those who are curious will quickly view your profile and automatically get engaged as they read people’s comments about your product. They even go as far as saving some pictures of your product; when they notice a “link in bio” caption, they find the link, click on it, and are redirected to your website. Generally, Instagram is an exciting platform, and you can make the most out of it.

Never forget to include a call to action

When you schedule your Instagram posts as you can engage in real-time, you would have succeeded in driving traffic to your website. If you constantly update your story with your brand product and ensure you give your target audience a call to action that is clicking on the link in your bio, you will drive traffic rapidly to your website. Real-time engagement works like magic because people love it when they are given attention.

Let other accounts inspire you

When you surf Instagram daily, you get to see various accounts. You will even come across the accounts of people doing the same business as you, but you don’t need to wave them off, instead let it inspire you. Many brands are successful on Instagram. Follow them on Instagram, try to understand the pattern in which they post products and captions, try to add their method to yours, and develop a unique way of writing your captions.

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If their number of followers is high, you need to check what makes people rush to follow them. Check their feeds to find out what they are doing that you aren’t doing. Try to change the pattern you use in designing your feed, let your pictures be classy, and whatever caption you want to write needs to be classy as well.

Remember, don’t try to copy another person’s account; just learn from them and make your profile more unique.

Don’t try to sell on Instagram

Not all accounts on Instagram are allowed to use links, so if you get the chance to put a link in your bio, use it judiciously. Instead of making sales on Instagram, concentrate on driving traffic to your website and use Instagram for your branding. You can post content and write captivating captions because that is what will attract your fans in the first place.

Always be consistent

Consistency is the key to a successful business. No one becomes successful without being consistent. You don’t just post on your story once; expect that the whole world will see it, and if after two days nothing happens, you give up. Things don’t work that way, and you need to be consistent in updating your stories, posting pictures, and updating your feed. When you put a post on your feed or story, ensure you reuse that particular post often because that’s the only way you get lots of people to view it and link to your website.

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Furthermore, if you are eager to increase conversions, being consistent in your stories and updating your posts is the key. It’s time to take the bull by the horns and let people know why they should patronize you and click on the link in your bio.

Most users don’t need long epistles; all they need is to know why they should click on the link in your bio. At first, it might look like nobody is responding, but you need to keep trying; with time, people will become more captivated, and they will click on your link. For when they are clicking, be sure that you posted the right link to direct users to where they want to be.

Get an influencer

One amazing thing about Instagram is that Instagram influencers can get you the kind of traffic you want. These influencers have over 10k followers on Instagram, and some have blogs where they can help you advertise your products. Now, if an influencer decides to post one of your products because of their large number of followers, the people who get to view the post will be many. If they also post your product on their story, you can rest assured that more than half of their followers view it.

Any good influencer knows the kind of caption to use for every post, and at the end, they could say “swipe up” and “link in bio”. They could also paste the link to direct users to your website in their bio, so it doesn’t get difficult for any interested users.

Influencers help you find your stand amid so many people in the same business category as you.

So while you are trying to drive traffic to your website by yourself, you can also use an influencer to make things easier for you. The influencer you decide to use may also run a campaign for you, which will drive traffic to your website and increase your number of followers.

Be social on Instagram

While you are busy updating your feed and posting pictures on your story, don’t forget to be social. Don’t skip that part because it is necessary. Not everyone wants to click on your link immediately; some will want to send you a direct message on Instagram, and how you respond will determine if they will click on your link or not.

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Some people might leave nasty comments just to spite you, but how you respond is what matters a lot, it can either make or mar you. Respond to comments nicely, respond to direct messages, and also avoid being rude.


Marketing your brand on Instagram and driving traffic to your website has always been very challenging. On a platform with a billion users, it seems like it’s impossible to get people’s attention, especially when some people are only interested in looking at pictures and watching things that will make them laugh. But, in the midst of this, so many businesses have succeeded through Instagram. Do you know you can also succeed?

Aside from paying an influencer or paying for ads which can be a bit expensive, these tips listed above can also be of great help to you.

Even if you think getting noticed by your target audience is almost an impossible task, being consistent with your stories and feeds will make it easier for you. There’s no better way to do this than to focus on the tips listed above, and nobody is saying it will happen immediately. It’s a gradual process, and as long as you are consistent, driving traffic to your website will be an easy task.

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