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Looking for a dedicated hosting? Check out Wetopi - it could be your solution!

Getting your site to a stable, secure, and fast state depends in large part on the hosting service you’re using.

Naturally, you need to be able to put out content that is relevant, and that attracts visitors, and this should be your main focus. However, you need a platform to get that content out there, and that’s were problems might lay. Right now there are so many services out there it’s hard even to grasp their scope, and that’s precisely why you’ll need to look up what each of them brings to the table.

Here, we’ll be presenting you with the Wetopi hosting service. We’ll cover all the features, the main differences that set them apart from the others and essentially give you an idea of what you can expect if you choose them to be your hosting provider. By the time we’re done, you’ll be convinced, just like we were while testing, that this could be a more than viable option for you. Without further ado, let’s break everything down…


Dedicated hosting

The very first thing you’ll notice is that Wetopi offers dedicated hosting, unlike many other services in the price range that offer only shared hosting. While shared hosting is bound to be cheaper but has a major drawback in its allocation of resources – they’re limited. Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, means that all the resources on the server are there for your use, ensuring your uptime and great speeds. Each WordPress is run on its own VPS-like machine. Combine this with the fact that Wetopi uses SSD hard drives, and you’ll be able to reach blazing speeds with no effort at all and have state of the art security in place.

When these offers are put to the test, the results are rather incredible. With a new WordPress website as underconstructionpage.b.wetopi, the Sucuri performance test provided us with a grade A result. Safe to say that the Wetopi hosting lived up to their promises.

Performance grade A

As you would expect, all servers are running on the last HTTP/2 protocol. Anything else is essentially obsolete at this point anyway. Furthermore, for your safety and that of your visitors, you’ll get to use Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS Certificates. Enabling them requires just a click, everything else is automated afterward, and the best part is they’re free with all service packages. Without these certificates, there’s a high chance your site will be blacklisted by browsers and search engines. Having it, however, guarantees a certain level of security in place that everyone can trust.

Not only do the servers have the outstanding infrastructure, but they’re also highly flexible in their approach. You’ll be able to resize your server at any time, meaning you’ll be able to scale up or down depending on your expected traffic. Most often, it’s important being able to scale up for specific times (like new product launches, for example) and then be able to quickly scale back to your original numbers once everything’s back to normal. Just keep in mind that scaling corresponds with the connecting price changes. We’ll be covering the scaling functions more down the line, so you’ll get a better idea of how it works.

Control panel

Now that you have a good idea of the underlying infrastructure on which your site will be hosted, it’s time to go over how exactly you’ll get to manage it. Before going further, we need to point out that both a hands-on and hands-off approach are legitimate managing techniques with their respective merits and faults. Wetopi offers a nice mix of both, with enough options you can customize to make your experience individual with your specific needs in mind.

All actions are done through an easy to use Control panel – a platform that covers all the features you’ll have to use. If you’ve ever used any kind of platform that has a dashboard-type user interface and since you’re managing a WordPress site, you have, there will practically be no learning curve. You’ll learn more about it the more you use it, of course, but we’ll be sure to cover all the bases for you, just to know what you can expect. Discovering all the little intricacies and tweak possibilities is up to you.

Managed server

One login

One thing you’ll be glad it’s implemented and probably the very first thing you’ll encounter is the unified log in for all your sites. You might find it strange that we emphasize a simple feature like this. Imagine, however, that you have a few sites active at a time, or even a dozen, the number is irrelevant. You’d have to remember separate logins for all the sites, reconfigure all the settings individually and even get statistical data for each site instead of all in one place.

It’s easy to see why this would present a logistical nightmare, unnecessarily wasting your time and resources. With the one login, you’ll be able to manage all your sites from one place. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to switch from one to the next and easily manage all the features of your sites. All of this quality of life features may not be noticeable, because it’s available, but you would surely notice all of them if they were absent.

Development server

One of the mentioned features available in the development area that’s included for free in all the plans. Basically it lets you mess around with your site(s) simulating real-world conditions while remaining offline. If you’re starting a new site or implementing big changes to existing ones, this could prove to be invaluable for testing, so that once you do go live everything runs smoothly right of the bat. Everyone knows how important it is to provide stable software for your users once it’s available to them. We see more regularly than ever before the dire consequences of putting out an unfinished product.

Free migration

While development servers are primarily used when building the site from the ground up, the Control panel can also be used to manage your migrations for already existing sites. There are two main features of migrations with Wetopi – they’re free and can be tested. When switching to them as your hosting service you’ll get to transfer your site for free with no downtime at all – this is a feature more and more services are adopting, but it is still important to note.


The unique feature is the testing option. If you have any reservations on how everything will play out on Wetopi hosting you can create a clone of your site to test everything out before you make the switch. Naturally, the site is offline while you’re figuring things out, but you can check everything that’s available if you choose to go live. The clone site can at that point be deleted, or you can build upon it and go live instantly.

The whole migration process can as hands-on as you want it to be. Everything can be done for your, but you can also take a much larger role if you so choose. If you have any qualms at all, no matter the route you’ll use, be sure to contact the immensely helpful support staff that will guide you through everything.

Site options

Getting into the thick of it, we move onto the configuration and statistical part of the Control panel. Not only will you be able to view any and all pertinent data regarding your site (DNS information, for example) precisely here, you’ll also get to set everything up to the smallest detail. Keep in mind that default features will be the starting point for every site you have running, but all of them can be configured separately, giving you extra freedom and flexibility.

We’ve touched a little on server scaling, but this is where it’s done. Essentially, with a click or two, you’ll get to resize your servers hosting package up or down. You can resize your hosting plan anytime you want, just keep in mind that with scaling resources comes a scaling price.

Other options are more focused on the managing part. Things like adding users to share your WordPress server with clients/team, transfer billing, ownership, etc. In short, all the tasks you’re expected to keep tabs on while running a site. Much like everything else you’ll be using in the Control panel, all these functions will be very easy to use. You won’t have to be an accountant to handle the billing for example, just know your way around the UI. In fact, since everything is mostly automated, you’ll be bothered only to essential input data, everything else is taken care of even without your future actions.


You have to keep yourself and your visitors safe, there are simply no two ways about it. One of the absolutely crucial aspects of a good site is your guarantee that all data that’s collected stays out of reach of anybody other than you and the person who made the input.


The way Wetopi ensures everything is secure isn’t just one thing, but a combination of many that offer the best protection. We’ve already mentioned the HTTPS encryption, but there is also malware removal implemented, as well as cross-site contamination (Cross-site contamination is when a site is negatively affected by neighboring sites within the same server due to poor isolation.) Wetopi solves this by serving each WordPress site on its own Server. This means that the downfall of one site won’t trigger a next and any knowledge gathered in protecting one site is automatically shared with others. This is present in all plans.

Apart from the internal protections, all plans are also fitted with external multi-layered firewalls designed specifically for use with WordPress. These firewalls are updated by the minute blocking an average of over 850 million potentially malicious IPs at a time.

In the rare event of a site getting hacked, the incredible support team of WordPress experts will quickly and carefully remove the malware for you for free.

Again, all these prevention methods and hack fixes are included in the hosting packages free of any additional charge.


When we think of security, we mostly focus on prevention. However, there are other ways to make your data secure, namely backing it up. We do backups for our Word and Excel documents nowadays, so it’s no surprise sites are all regularly backed up, whether it’s manually or automatically. With Wetopi, automatic backups are done daily, so you won’t have to worry – any time you would need to revert to a previous version, it’s, at most, only 24 hours old. You will also be given the option to back up your work at any time manually. This is done through the Control panel with just a simple click, by the way.

Now maybe you’re thinking this just isn’t enough. What if the whole system crashes? It’s not unheard of and if the servers all go; the backups are gone along with your site. You shouldn’t fret because aside from internal backups, Wetopi also employs external backups through Amazon S3 replication. Doubling down on backups like this means there is simply no way you’ll lose your data, no matter how catastrophic the issue that arises.


The pricing plans are varied and you can tailor one specifically for yourself that best suits you. The great thing is the aforementioned scaling where you’re able to change plans on the fly depending on your projected traffic flow, scaling both up and down. You do need to start somewhere, so we urge you to check out Wetopi official pricing pages to get more detailed info.


Wetopi also offers bulk plans for professionals that need more power from their hosting provider. With them, you can mix and match WP servers to gain storage and power units that will match your site’s needs.

On the note of pricing, it is important to mention the free goodies. With all accounts, you get staging for free! Yes, even with the free development plans. In essence, you get three servers, one for production and two stagings, so that you can either clone your live site, create a backup, or even another clone. Not only does this come free, but it comes super handy when testing new functionalities of your site – regardless if its a plugin, a new WordPress version, or theme.  Moving from staging to production is a matter of seconds, and you get to avoid creating any mess on your live site.


Wetopi is a great hosting solution that gives extra special attention to their security and backup features. With numerous and flexible plans, it’s really easy to find something that suits you, especially if you figure in on the fly scaling for all plans, making it a fit for sites that are just starting up, as well as already established ones with much bigger traffic flow.

Make no mistake, Wetopi represents a robust service fit to handle any load and give you a plethora of tools to configure and manage everything down to the smallest detail. At the same time, it remains easy to use a piece of software that even novices will get a hold of pretty quickly. The ease of use will mean that you can operate your sites without much fuss and therefore avoid having to outsource the task making the whole endeavor financially less taxing.

No matter on which part of the spectrum you fall on regarding your needs, we would recommend Wetopi hosting to everybody.

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