5 Good Reasons to Use an Electronic Signature

Not sold on the idea of using an electronic signature? Here are 5 reasons you should be!

We live in a highly digital world, and for years now, there has been a lot of pressure on small businesses to find paperless solutions when it comes to their daily operations. While there may be some people that question the practicalities of going completely paperless, there are numerous benefits that come with trying to digitize your documentation as much as possible.

For those that are apprehensive, read on to learn more about why you should adopt electronic signatures:

For Security

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Electronic signatures are safer and far more secure than the tradition of putting pen to paper and signing on the dotted line. Electronic signatures don’t just include your personal scribble like a traditional signature, but they also contain traceable information that will tell you who signed the document, when they signed it, and from which computer it originated.

With all of this in mind, it’s clear that electronic signatures are far more enforceable than paper-based ones.

They Are Easy to Use

A huge benefit of having an electronic signature is that they are simple and easy to use. You’ll find a number of online programs that can assist in the creation of an electronic signature such as a Signature Generator.

One great example is the Bonsai signature maker. All you do is upload your documents, declare the signatories and deliver a secure link to the intended recipients.

For Efficiency

Once you start using electronic signatures, you’ll find that operations are much faster. For example, in the past, you may have sent a document to someone and had them print, sign, and scan it back to you. With the convenience of electronic signatures, you can learn how to sign a Word document effortlessly, saving time and simplifying the process for both parties involved.

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However, by using an electronic signature, you can have people sign a document within seconds. In a world where time is money, a faster turnaround will give your business an edge by increasing productivity.

They Are Cost-Effective

Electronic signatures are much more cost-effective than the traditional pen and paper alternative. You won’t just save on the cost of paper, but you can also cut out the cost of postage, mail supplies as well as time. It may not seem like much, but over time these costs can also mount up.

For Convenience

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These days the world is a globalized world where we are used to dealing with customers and business partners all over the globe.

The use of electronic signatures essentially allows for remote authentication, which is much more convenient than using postal services or even printing and scanning signatures.

All in all, we are living in a very fast-paced digital world, and every little step we take towards digitization has the potential to have huge impacts when it comes to the efficiency of business operations and, more importantly, the bottom line.

At first, adopting digital signatures may seem like a minor change, but the impact on time, money, and convenience across a big organization can be quite impressive over time. Do yourself a favor and digitize your signature today.

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