Tips for Creating the Perfect Remote Office

Not sure how to best create a remote office that will make your productivity stand out? This article gives great tips.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, with many people swapping their daily commute to the office for a more remote-based work schedule from home.

In this article, we will explore some ways in which you can create the perfect remote office from home.

Let There Be Light

According to the Harvard Business Review, natural light is considered to be the number one office perk, with 78% of employees reporting that it improves their well-being as well as their performance at work.

With these benefits, you can greatly enhance your remote-working experience by selecting a space in your home that allows enough natural light to enter.

Home office near window

To avoid distracting glare, position your computer screen or workstation behind or next to the light source or have it facing a northerly or southerly direction to minimize any shadows throughout the day. A south-facing study is ideal for allowing the most amount of sunlight in the day, naturally creating a warm and relaxed remote-work environment.

Right Furniture

The key to a perfect remote office is the right remote tools. You will likely spend much of your day sitting or standing at a desk so it is important to select furniture that is complementary to your workday and offers you comfort rather than hinders your productivity.

Ergonomic furniture will offer the best support for your body and reduce muscle strain, poor posture, or discomfort.

Ergonomic office chairs such as those from Kasala allow you to easily adjust the height of your chair and are curved to support your spine, thereby reducing stress on your lower back and neck caused by slumping. Such furniture can help you avoid any health-related problems which can arise from being sedentary.

If space in your home is limited, make the most of the room you have by opting for pull-out cabinets or wall-mounted desks. This will help you to maximize the use of your remote-office area.

Add Nature

Bring some life into your remote working environment through the use of nature. Fresh flowers can enliven and invigorate your workday by adding color and positivity to your space, while indoor plants can aid your sense of wellbeing and reduce stress levels.

Green plant on white desk

According to studies conducted in the U.K. and the Netherlands, the productivity and overall quality of life of office workers are enriched by introducing plants. Adding a touch of nature into your workspace will also freshen and improve the air quality as plants naturally release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.

Color Scheme

Color is known to affect mood, and research has confirmed the impact color has on productivity levels. To get the best out of your workday, consider switching the color scheme in your space to enhance your energy levels and uplift your sense of wellbeing. Low wavelength colors such as green and blue can help to help improve focus and efficiency.

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