Five Tools Digital Marketers Cannot Ignore

Are you a digital marketer looking for ways to augment your marketing strategies? First, you need to know about the tools that can make it easier for you to promote websites and brands. These tools are specifically designed to streamline workflow and keep things organized.

However, before you start installing tools or using them online, it is recommended to clear system data storage on your device to boost performance and speed. Learn about how to clear storage on Mac here. For Windows users, you can manually uninstall files or install CCleaner.

Let’s take a look at the tools that must be in your digital marketing toolkit.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is perfect for navigating you toward the right marketing decisions. Use this tool to track and review the performance of your digital marketing campaigns and make changes if needed.

The numerous ways Google Analytics helps marketers are:

  • Offer information about website traffic and divide it by products, devices, pages, etc.
  • Assists in understanding the target audience and provides real-time updates about customers, what they’re exploring, etc.
  • Allows marketers to create dimensions, metrics, and dashboards for easy access to information and data
  • Uncovers insights about how businesses are performing and what changes are required
  • Access to various reporting tools so marketers can create bespoke dashboards and reports


Slack landing page

Slack is an intuitive, user-friendly tool that digital marketers use regularly. With this software, marketers can easily discuss new projects and client works, share helpful content, and collaborate with the team.

Slack is the right tool for digital marketing teams and acts as an effective communication tool. The features of Slack are:

  • Enhances remote collaboration with teams from anywhere
  • Easier to communicate with team members in real-time
  • Allows users to message and video calls
  • It lets users keep track of everything related to the teams, projects, and channels

Although it may appear like a messaging application, it does a lot more than that. The tool serves as a project management tool and messaging platform with various settings and options. For example, marketers can engage in group conversations that are public and searchable, including private conversations.


MailChimp is an email marketing and social advertising tool designed to automate and orchestrate digital marketing campaigns. The tool helps to enhance campaigns and monitor the traffic generated. Furthermore, the platform allows integrations with different SaaS companies.

MailChimp is effective for email campaigns and allows marketers to engage with their audience. Some noteworthy features are:

  • Uses AI-powered assistant for generating custom designs
  • User-friendly design tools for creating better content
  • Provides tools for getting analytics and insights in one place
  • Creation of customized emails and getting up to six times more orders using marketing automation

MailChimp incorporates customizable, pre-built email automation, making it easy for marketers to reach the right audience. Also, it helps users to keep their brands on top and delight them with personalized messages on their birthdays or send automated welcome messages.

Businesses can significantly benefit from MailChimp to increase conversions and traffic and grow sales.


QR Code Generator

When it comes to essential tools for digital marketers, Uniqode’s QR Code generator is a standout choice. This innovative and highly secure QR Code solution is trusted by renowned brands like Pepsi, Revlon, and The New York Times, making it a top pick in the industry.

Designed for individual marketers to marketers in large enterprises, Uniqode’s QR Code generator offers an intuitive interface that makes it a breeze to create, customize, and download high-quality QR Codes. Plus, it comes with a free QR Code generator feature, allowing you to create simple static QR Codes without any cost.

Some of its best features include:

  • Editable and trackable for flexibility and data insights.
  • Customize forms and landing pages with ease.
  • Built-in scan data analytics and Google Analytics integration for in-depth user behavior insights.
  • GDPR and SOC-2 Type 2 compliant, ensuring stringent data security.
  • Personalize with a custom domain for a branded experience.
  • Connect with over 4000 integrations, including CRMs, sales stack tools, and HR solutions.
  • Save time with the ability to create QR Codes in bulk.

Uniqode’s QR Code generator always goes a step further for its users when it comes to security with exclusive features like the Uniqode Shield. It’s a must-have tool for digital marketers looking to take their campaigns to the next level.



Ahrefs provides users with various search engine optimization tools, making it easier for marketers to optimize websites based on their marketing requirements. The tool primarily comes in handy for checking backlinks.

The tool’s features include the following:

  • Project management and monitoring ranking progress
  • Competitor analysis
  • Website optimization
  • It is a comprehensive SaaS tool offering a data index, snippets of testimonials, and a free trial
  • Allows marketers to find the right websites for their content and choose content topics

Survey Anyplace

carry out a survey

Survey Anyplace is a tool for marketing professionals to create interactive and fun assessments, quizzes, and surveys for their target audience. It allows marketers to engage with their audience and build personality, brand identity, etc.

This tool offers much more than traditional surveys and enables users to implement quality surveys for their digital marketing campaigns. These surveys will help in the long run, especially for personalizing the marketing campaigns according to the target audience.

Using this tool, you can create questionnaires that offer valuable insights and offer the respondents personalized advice. Moreover, the tool helps marketers understand the market demands, what features the customers seek, what customers want and need, etc.

Marketers can build brands online using this tool and ensure they cater to the target audience’s needs. The platform even allows marketers to formulate questions and include survey images.

The surveys created will be simple, well-designed, intuitive, and compatible with mobile devices.

Besides these, digital marketers focusing on content marketing can use HubSpot and CoSchedule. These are good options for curating and creating content. Using these tools, marketers will get good content opportunities and quickly create social media and blog posts according to the target audience.

The Bottom Line

Take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level with the abovementioned tools. If you already use some tools and they’re not on this list, mention them in the comments.

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