Why Switch Your Career from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing comes with many benefits, and should almost completely substitute traditional one. See why digital marketing is a modern-day must.

Marketing is one of the most important parts of a successful business. It is a tool which introduces customers to your brand. It makes a long-lasting business and relationship with the audience. Marketing helps attract new customers and basically, it sells products and services.

There are a lot of different ways to go about marketing, but not all of them are successful. High proficiency is required to choose and make a proper marketing plan for the corresponding business. Nowadays, marketing can be divided into two different approaches – traditional and digital marketing.

The internet has taken the world by storm. Consequently, digital marketing has grown to be more cost-effective, all-inclusive and easier to handle than traditional marketing. This is due to the fact that a great part of the specialized work is completed by a mere click of the mouse. As a result, huge opportunities for small and large scale businesses for enhancing their sales through online marketing have opened up.

This article will provide an outline of facts why it is high time to finally switch from traditional to digital marketing.

Digital marketing – a modern-day must

Digital marketing has rapidly developed its irreplaceable and significant status. Persons of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and social status are connected to the web. This very connection is required to channel their personal, professional or business related procedures. This enables digital marketing to acquire the status of an essential modern-day tool that all businesses and entrepreneurs should use. It can enhance the client base, marketing reach, conversions and eventually increase the profits and optimize the brand.

Digital Marketing Analytics

The increasing number of experts are moving on the web – and progressively, the businesses that succeed are the ones using digital marketing at an optimum level. The main advantage of digital marketing is the possibility to select specific users group interesting for the business and have the advertising analysis to get feedback if the advertising has been successful.

This can be done in a very easy and user-friendly way. Digital marketing allows advertising the brand or products in a much more efficient and cost-effective way. The advertising service will be charged after the selected audience sees or clicks on the ad. The advertising results can be checked right after or even during the advertisement.

Benefits of digital marketing

  • The biggest benefit of digital marketing is its broad and global reach. This type of marketing is not restricted to one region or area. Internet permits connecting with many individuals around the world at the same time. Physical presence is not a requirement, and neither is traveling. The brand advertised achieves worldwide presence through various digital marketing techniques, such as email promoting, Google Ads, YouTube, blog/content advertising, Social Media marketing, to name a few.
  • With traditional marketing methods, the advertiser can only hope that the target audience will see the promotion. With digital marketing, the target customers are drawn automatically to the advertisement.
  • One word – multitasking. The advertised content is everywhere, and better yet, it stays there long after an ad in newspapers has been crumpled and tossed in the trash.
  • There are no strict opening hours. The ad is posted and anytime the target audience is available, they will be shown the ad. With the advantages of digital marketing, customers see services and products per their convenience. The customers themselves dictate the opening and shutting hours of their online purchases.

Cost and time effectiveness

Unlike for the traditional advertising, in order to start a successful digital marketing campaign, there is almost no need for any start-up capital. It may be sufficient to start with a promotion on a blog, web-based social network, and email advertising.

Facebook ads

On another hand, traditional promotion such as the daily paper, radio, TV, and flag can add up to a large amount of money. A small amount of this money can be used for advertising on Facebook, Google, and other PPC organizations.

Once again, unlike with traditional advertising, everything can be measured and automated in digital marketing. Google Analytics is a world of its own with options and features that cannot simply be abridged in a paragraph here. But, there is no person working in marketing that has not heard of this tool, to say the least.

Phone tracking

With the advantages of digital marketing, everything can be monitored and tracked with detailed diagrams. Google Analytics is the go-to tool for measuring the success of an internet marketing campaign. But what about individual customers’ requests? The digital age, which has caused the rise of digital marketing, has also found an answer to the increasing number of phone requests and inquiries. Enter phone tracking.

This is actually the last piece of the marketing analytics puzzle, enabling the marketers to better understand their customers by analyzing which digital marketing tactics are making the customers call them. Even this step is simplified – with a call tracking software that gets integrated into the system.

Phone tracking

The phone tracking option enables real connection with the customers, as it is direct, straightforward and upfront. This enables the marketer to explicitly focus on the particular buyer demographics and grasps the result of the campaign.

Phone tracking is also a door to queries and doubts related to products and services. Furthermore, this helps in ensuring improved services and ultimately optimizes branding.


Digital marketing evens the field for small companies to compete in the marketing field. It enables tracking the campaigns, thus assisting in making the digital marketing campaign more target and result-oriented. Furthermore, it is superior to traditional marketing in terms of personalization, transaction execution, and data collection. This is easily done through automation tools and tracking software, such as phone tracking.

Digital marketing is the epitome of multitasking, by servicing a large number of customers simultaneously according to their particular interests. Numerous instructions for successful digital marketing are available on the web. The services, which provide marketing activities, give precise instructions and tips for successful advertising. Probably the most important fact of digital marketing is advertisement analytics.

In a very user-friendly way, with an automated process, the advertisement activities can be precisely monitored and its efficiency assessed. The possibility to control the advertisement in all stages, select the specific user groups and conduct efficient analysis make the digital marketing much more convenient and cost-effective than traditional marketing ever was.

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