9 Inspiring Tips for Coming Up With Blog Post Ideas

Running low on ideas for a new blog post topic? Here are some excellent tips to get you inspired.

We all eventually come to the point where we just simply don’t know what to write about anymore.

Been there done that, but over the years, I have found that there are simpler ways of acquiring ideas for new blog posts. And that’s why today I have decided to help you guys out by providing you with the following helpful tips on how to come up with new ideas for your blog posts.

Quick tip! I was asked a similar question by my girlfriend (she is also a writer), and instead of me trying to figure out what topic she should write next, I simply decided to write bullet points for her to use in her search for new topics. And hence I just got a simple idea for a topic, which is this one. With that said, I shall start with the first tip, and that is:

1. Ask people what they want to know

It’s quite simple, actually. All you got to do is ask people from your community either in the comment sections or just simply tell them to send you an email or something of the sorts telling you what they want to know.

Ask people what they want

You will be blessed with all kinds of questions surrounding all kinds of topics, and from those questions, you can come up with a killer blog post idea (just like how I got the idea for this article from my girlfriend). Not only will you get ideas for new posts, but you can also get an idea for a follow-up post on an existing blog post, and then you can, in turn, connect and link them.

Wild card tip 1.2: Don’t just read your own comments, go to other sites, and read other people’s comment sections in hopes of finding ideas there!

2. Contact a Professional

Hiring a content writer can significantly enhance your blog’s depth and reach. One effective strategy is to have your writer revisit and expand upon your existing posts. By identifying articles that can be elaborated on, your content writer can create detailed follow-up pieces. This not only adds more comprehensive content to your blog but also enables you to interlink related articles.

3. Go through your existing posts to find an interesting keyword

Read your old posts and find things that may be written about as a separate post.  For example, I have mentioned in this post the words “killer blog post,” which you can use and write a post that is titled: “How to Write a Killer Blog Post”.

And just like that, you have a new post, and you hyperlink those keywords in the original post so that when people click it, it leads them to that new post!

4. Read other people’s blogs

As I have mentioned before, go to other people’s blogs and try to find keywords in order to come up with new ideas. You can also go through their comment section as well. It’s easy because you might come up with brilliant ideas that will branch out into multiple posts!

Read other people's posts

5. If you get an idea no matter where you are, write it down!

I cannot stress this out more. If you are out with your friends and you get an idea from the conversation, immediately write it down. I have noticed that when I’m lying in bed about to fall asleep, I get a brilliant idea, and yes, you guessed it, I get out of bed and write it down (because there is no way I will remember it in the morning). Hell, you can get an idea even while you are taking a shower and singing a song, and you get a post idea from the song lyrics.

6. Use a keyword generator

Depending on your blog, this will wary, but for the most part, all you got to do is go to a keyword generator and type a certain word, and presto you get a whole list of potential blog posts.

This is for getting ideas for the most part.

For example, I typed the word banana, and then I went through all of the keywords that the site offered me. I then found the keywords “banana extinction,” and I immediately got the idea of a post titled “5 Reasons Why Blog Posts Will Never Go Extinct”. Ta-da, just like that, I got a blog post by just typing the word banana. Ah, got to love the age we live in!

7. Dedicate the whole day for pondering for new ideas

This one’s pretty straightforward. Dedicate the whole day for coming up with new ideas for blog posts. Instead of doing it each day little by little, you just dedicate a single day to concentrate on finding topics to write about. Focus on only trying to find and conjuring up new posts, and this will save you up quite some time in the long run.

Dedicate a day for pondering new ideas

8. Have a look at what is trending right now

Trends come and go, and because of this, you probably aren’t aware of some because they simply fly by you without you noticing. If you are up to date with current trends, you might just end up by thinking of new titles and posts. Additionally, if you get the trend right, you could have new potential readers coming to your blog and staying to see what else you got.

9. Have a peek at what your competition is up to

If all else fails, you can just simply go and have a look at what your competitors are writing about and make your own version of it. Just change up the title so that it is not considered direct stealing and make your own post. If someone wrote a top 5 something, you could make a top 6 or 10 (just don’t overdo it).


All in all, it is not that big a deal coming up with new ideas. Yes, yes, I know it can get frustrating at times, especially when you are starting off, but practice makes perfect. The more you go on about doing this in your day to day life, you will see that in time it will become easy as pie.

Just make sure that you write the ideas down because you will forget the title most of the time (or at least that’s the problem I am facing). Just keep it up and stay strong, and if it is not your day, then take a break for the day because there is no point in beating your brain over its limits.

Instead, go for a walk, exercise, or do something fun to refresh your brain cells, which will bring you plenty of new ideas later after! Good luck!

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