SEO Strategies for 2020 That Will Help You Beat The Competition

SEO trends change, while the purpose remains the same: you need some high-quality traffic on your site! Here are the strategies to implement.

If there is one thing you need to know about SEO, it’s that it is always changing. What was popular a year ago is practically useless now. And what will be popular in the years to come, only time can tell.

But, if you don’t do so, you are bound to use outdated marketing strategies and ultimately fail in creating a working business strategy. Now, according to Amine Dahimene SEO Consultant we cannot say what SEO will be like in the next ten years. But we can give you an idea of which are the most useful SEO strategies for 2020and how to implement them.

Our pick of the best SEO strategies for 2020

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is no one for all strategies when it comes to SEO. Different businesses have different target markets, which are why they need to use different strategies to engage them. Therefore, if your SEO strategy is going to work, you need to modify so that it suits your target market. Remember, trying to engage multiple audiences is not easy. This is because most of your engagements won’t lead to actually business dealings. Your goal in 2020 should not be to get as much online traffic as possible. Instead, you need to focus on getting quality online traffic. So, with that in mind, here are some of the best SEO strategies for 2020 for you to implement.

User-oriented SEO

One of the biggest changes in SEO was the departure from keyword analysis. Up until recently, most businesses relied on keyword analysis to tell them what keywords to use and how to orient their SEO. This was useful because they didn’t have to engage their customers directly, and instead, they could only focus on numbers and statistics.

In order to implement SEO strategies for 2020, you need to keep your web users in mind.

Laptop with SEO on its screen with various SEO segments posted next to it, showing how to deal with SEO strategies for 2020.

But, unfortunately, this SEO strategy is becoming more and more obsolete. It is simply a fact that if you want to have quality online traffic, you need to engage your customers. This is true for all of our SEO strategies for 2020. In order to see what your customers are looking for and how you can help them find it, you need to put yourself in their shoes. At least, that is what most professional companies like Digital Dot New York are trying to do. And, the only way to make this possible is to establish a connection with your customers and grow your SEO with their habits and demands in mind.

Quality over quantity

Another important aspect to keep in mind when dealing with SEO strategies for 2020 is that you should always put quality over quantity. A surprising number of companies are willing to put anything they can find on their website. This often leads to websites that are hard to navigate, and therefore hard to promote.

Quality should always come before quantity, even if your website is practically empty.

A person holding a sign that says "Quality control".

Not to mention that users get overwhelmed and bored with too much content and simply give up on filtering through it. So, if you want a shot at having decent online traffic in 2020, focus on the quality of your content. Remember, you are trying to cater to a specific market. So, figure out what they want to read and what use they will have from reading it. Some facts even suggest that customers are growing more and more fond of personal advice. So, do what you can to make your content suited to your customers.

Mobile SEO

No matter what kind of website and/or business you are running, most of your customers will use mobile devices. True, some users do prefer to use standard PC for their web searches. But, neglecting mobile devices when formulating your SEO strategies for 2020 is a mistake you need to avoid.

So, make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

This means optimizing it so that it functions well even with slow internet and poor device capabilities. And that any art you implement is easily enjoyable on the small screens of a phone.

Structured Data

One of the determining aspects of SEO management in 2020 will be how well you can work with actual search engines. Search algorithms are becoming better and better as time goes by. But, in 2020, they still won’t be able to fully understand the context. So, if you want search engines to function properly with your website, you will need to guide them. This means structuring your data so that it is easy to navigate. You need to help algorithms understand what is on your webpage and how it connects to the rest of your website.

You need to optimize the data on your website so that it is easy to read and navigate.

Programming lines connected to a website.

This is best done by hand as most tools so far do a poor job of structuring your data. Furthermore, this is why you need to plan carefully before implementing new content. After all, it needs to connect to the rest of your website naturally. But, luckily, the easier it is for search algorithms to navigate your website, the easier it will be for your customers as well.

Brand building

The final and arguably the most important aspect of SEO strategies for 2020 is that you need to deal with brand building. Long gone are the days where you could simply publish content online and expect the wanted online traffic. Now, you need to deal with SEO, backlinks, social media, and marketing if you are to find a proper online presence. So, the one thing that you need to start with is your brand. It is becoming more important than ever that your company has a brand. And that your brand is present in almost every aspect of your online presence. This is why you need to think carefully about what your brand is and how to incorporate it. After all, it is going to be the thing that stays with your customers long after they are done reading your website.

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