Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Even with modern tools and techniques, marketers still do a lot of mistakes when it comes to SEO.

Search engine optimization has witnessed a lot of growth in the past few years. Business Enterprises need to implement the latest SEO techniques to sustain a heavy traffic flow on their websites. The Google algorithm updates such as Panda, Penguin, etc. help the enterprises to tackle the different spam links and poor content.

You can also check the accuracy of the algorithm that you are using with the latest machine learning AI system. The Google RankBrain system is one of those systems which helps in processing search results and some very particular “one of a kind” queries. Even, you can check and strengthen the accuracy of the algorithm.

Thus, it becomes important to identify the drawbacks and concentrate on what is essential to achieve success. To have an in-depth understanding, you can opt for SEO Training. With SEO training, you can learn new ways that can help you to avoid mistakes.

In this blog, the most common SEO mistakes are discussed that affects your business ranking.

Content Optimization

Content optimization is essential when we talk about SEO. It includes the optimization of local as well as global searches. For local optimization, you can include the region-specific keywords in your Meta descriptions and website content. Adding the address and contact details in the header and footer of your pages can be a good idea.

Most of the marketers use the generic keyword in their content which is the biggest mistake done in SEO. The generic keyword can bring the visitor searching for information on your website, but not to make a purchase.  So, it is better to use the “focused keyword” to increase online sales.

Avoid using analytics for conversion

The other common mistake done by the SEO experts is they avoid using analytics for the conversion. You might feel happy because of high traffic and super competitive keywords as they bring a lot of traffic to your website, but you are not getting the targeted outcomes.

Digital Marketing Analytics

It is important to perform proper research to assure high rankings and increased sales. It is preferable to make use of analytics.

Selecting Link Quantity over Link Quality

These days common mistake which most marketers make is to depend more on link quantity and stop focusing on the quality. It is better to create a few links relevant to your industry or website rather than get thousands of low-quality links. Also, it is recommended not to use direct links or outgoing links to gambling or adult websites.

Ignoring the formal link building

You keep yourself busy creating new content that rules the internet, but you forget to perform the formal link building or forget to link your content appropriately. Lackness of formal link building reduces the website visibility; it is considered as one of the major SEO mistakes to avoid.

Create formal links using the popular link building strategies like digital PR, content promotion (via guest blogging) and content focuses on all the major user groups.

Link Building

Broken Links

If you have broken links on your website, it can reduce the website’s visibility; this mistake usually remains unnoticed as you never check for the broken links. Changes in URL structure moved or deleted content, and incorrect redirects are the most common mistakes which create the broken links.

You can use the Screamingfrog’s Broken Link Checker for the identification of broken links to the competitor’s website and links which can affect the ranking of your page.

Website’s Speed Checking

The another most common SEO mistake done by the marketers is that they do not check the website’s speed. These days, users prefer to have faster upload speed. Users do not want to have a time span of more than ten seconds for the page loading.  Thus you must have a speed check for your website to avoid losing the potential conversion and traffic on the website.

Absence of unique title tags

We usually see that websites use their name of the company in the page titles and other pages. It is one of the SEO mistakes which is very common. Moreover, to avoid such a mistake, they can implement Meta description and title tags.

Pages titles are essential because whenever the page get a share or someone bookmarks your website, it is used as text. So, try to utilize unique and descriptive titles to grab attention.

Meta Description

Within search results, the meta description is a 160 character long description about the page. It is important to make sure that the meta description must be unique and keywords used in it must be relevant.

It is necessary that you include the home page and other pages must involve a custom Meta description that can attract more and more audience to browse the listing search result.

Using poor quality and less word count in content

These days lot off marketer thinks that short content can help in improving the website ranking but in reality, your website must be write in more than 500 words to get the higher rankings. It is recommended to create content between 600 to 800 words as this will definitely help you out to get the high visibility and page ranking.

Number of words

Avoid using Internal Links

Internal links play a very important role for the page ranking as well as user experience. Linking helps in distributing the equality throughout the website and also increases the page views and time-one site metrics.

For highly relevant content, you can use the internal linking to get better outcomes. Rather than using the keywords, you can use anchor text and link the “deep” pages for spreading the equity in your entire website. Prefer to include at least 3-4 links for the content you create.

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