How to Make Your eCommerce Store Go Viral

Going viral could be the best thing that happened to your online store, so here are the tips you need to make it happen

One of the many ways to reach overnight success is through being viral. Many brands and eCommerce shops have tried to trend on the internet but were unsuccessful. So many businesses are eyeing to be viral — to be the next big thing. Needless to say, the competition is pretty high.

Why? Simply because of how you handle your marketing campaigns and viral strategies. Most mistakes come from unbalanced techniques. This article was made to help brands and eCommerce shops in their digital marketing career. Here are a few tips that could definitely help you out.

Know your audience to reach them better

Online success begins with knowing and understanding both your niche and your targeted audience. You have to learn what content makes your audience engage more. Find out why they share the things they share on their social media platforms. It also helps to learn to speak their language. This way, your content will be delivered in a way they will truly understand and relate to.

Know your Audience

Reveal the need for your products or services with humor.

It is no secret that people on the internet love to share funny content. This is why many of the most shared contents are made up of funny videos and photos, GIFs, and memes. If you’re aiming to be viral, showcase your products and or services with humor. Not only will people share your content, but they will also remember it. However, keep in mind that people are sensitive. One wrong joke could kill your sales. So make sure to be sensitive and considerate with your jokes.

Get to know your market.

Nowadays, online businesses are in steep competition. With everyone having great ideas and accessible internet, marketing might be difficult.

This is why doing your good old research still comes in handy. Get to know your market. What sells more and why. Get to know your competition.

Research about products and amazon selling statistics to know more about the market. Once you know your market, you will find different ways to stand out from the crowd.

Run paid ads.

Paid advertising has been around for a very long time — ever since businesses were around. This really isn’t an alien concept for everyone. The reason why people still pay for advertising is simply that it works. Paid advertisements are one of the best investments you could use to ensure your eCommerce shop goes viral. It is also a lot easier, too, and you get to reach more people.

This way, your brand has the right exposure from the right people. Some paid advertisements can be costly, though. However, the virality of the content will define more conversation rates and sales in the long haul. You can also monitor paid ad slots simply with a local VPN. Typically, advertisements are very targeted, which means that you may be provided with ads that are specific to you from the range of companies targeting a certain keyword. VPN enables you to see where your ads are being displayed and how they rank with particular keywords.

Timing is everything.

Timing is everything

If you’re in the middle of planning when to launch your new shop or products, remember that timing is essential. You have to think about when your marketing should run and when you hit the market. If your goal is to trend, center your launch on a relevant date or event. If your shop or products aren’t tied to a special date or event, then make one for it. Make sure to give your product and launch date an attention-grabbing and eccentric name. This will ensure that it will stick to people.

Connect with your audience emotionally.

People are not fond of sharing anything that doesn’t evoke any emotion. They are most likely to patronize a brand or online store that actually feels like someone they know. Eliciting emotional responses will build trust and loyalty between your consumers and your business.

Make sure that you tug on your consumer’s heartstrings in your campaigns. Always aim to connect with them at a certain level on all the content you put out. Most retail brands go for advertisements that tell a story. They use these storylines not only to promote their services or products but also to elicit emotions from their consumers.

Go for visual content.

Nowadays, visual content is preferred than having to read blocks and blocks of text. Images, videos, and visual cues are essential in keeping your audience engaged. Visual contents are easier to read and are a lot more appealing to people.

Try to create content that has the right amount of images and texts. Go for infographics or videos to keep your audiences’ attention.

The best thing about visual content and ads is that everyone can see them on the go.

People can watch a two-minute video while waiting for their food to heat up. People on public transportation vehicles can watch a fifteen-minute video while waiting for their bus stop. If you want to hook your audience, make sure that the photos and videos you use will grab their attention. Stand out with your infographics. Make them see what makes your brand or online shop different from all the competitors.

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