7 Blog Headline Templates That Get Results

Your headlines are what is going to be bringing in the majority of your clicks. Learn how to perfect them using these 7 templates!

Ever read a headline and just couldn’t help but click on it?

Sites like BuzzFeed, Now This, and WatchMojo excel at making effective headlines.  And one of the reasons why they get a large number of clicks and views is their bazaar, unique, and powerful format.

To maximize your blogging effectiveness, you have to write amazing headlines that make people compelled to read. Headlines are the first thing people see, after all.

Not sure how to write effective blog headlines? We’ve got you covered. Here are 7 blog headline templates to give you a great head start!

1. Using Numbers and Lists

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Blog headlines with numbers give your readers a certain number which brings clarity to your message. They also carry through the promise you made in your headline. Plus, you can make use of numbers to increase people’s trust by saying things such as “Over a million people use XYZ for research.”

You’ll also get more social shares and engagement when you place specific data and numbers into your headline.

Here’s a tip for when you are using numbers: use odd numbers to get more clicks. The headline “7 harsh truths that will make you a better person” is a great example of this.

2. Bring Out the Questions

Using a question as a headline will make people curious and will make them want to click on the article in order to find out the answer. But when implementing this method, try to avoid using questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no.

Also, don’t ask obvious questions like “is exercising good for your health?” Because there’s no incentive here to click since this is common sense.

Questions, especially weird ones, are the perfect way to grab readers’ attention so that they’ll end up wanting to know more. For example, “Do you make these mistakes in English?” or “who’s at fault when children disobey?” are quite intriguing.

3. Comparison Headlines

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Having two unexpected things compared makes people curious about how these two things relate. So in a nutshell, comparison headlines offer an escape from having to weigh out difficult choices.

Try a formula where you say that A is better than B, even though everyone thinks that B is better. People will then question why you would u choose A over B and they will definitely click on your blog post to get the answers.

It’s also interesting to see multiple products or solutions go against each other in a headline. For instance, “Facebook vs Twitter.”

4. The Tutorial Headline

“How-to” headlines rarely fail because most people need that information to learn or improve on something.

You’re promising your readers that by reading your article, they will find out everything that they need to know in order to reach their goal.

You serve as the authority on a particular topic and the readers depend on your content to succeed. Basically, you’re promising success with that kind of headline.

Examples of this template in action include “how to make blog topics for your business” or “how to start a business from home.”

5. Use Superlatives

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Using only one superlative can be very effective and is the best option when it comes to writing clickbait headlines.

Using negative superlatives seems to do the trick because they tap into the reader’s insecurities and create a strong sense of guilt within them. It makes them feel left behind and like they are on the wrong track.

“17 reasons your blog topic for your business won’t work” is an excellent example of this at work. However, don’t use negative headlines regularly as it demotivates your readers and makes them lose interest in your content.

All in all, superlatives are a good companion tool to use when you have a bunch of tutorials or lists ready to go live.

6. Directly Address Your Audience

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If you create headlines that turn into explanations, your readers will feel more involved in the content on your blog. This is because blog headlines that successfully trigger the right emotions in your readers drive more action. They work well because they touch the readers on a personal level.

An example of this is “the writing formula that’ll make your words powerful and persuasive.”

This is also why you should always spend time reading comments on past blog posts. Reading discussions on your Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram can help you find out what people need and are interested in so you can address those topics accordingly.

7. Controversial Headlines

You see them every day on television, news, and social media and these topics are interesting because they challenge conventional wisdom and go against the beliefs of a few.

However, these headlines have a high risk of offending a lot of people. That is why you need to be sure that you have properly researched the topic and that the content you create can back up your argument.

A good example is “Content is NOT king, never was, and never will be (and who actually rules).” This is quite controversial for SEO experts and it may get people to click on the headline to read the argument.

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If you’re still struggling to make your own blog headline, you can always try hiring a press release writer. They have the experience to make such controversial headlines work in your favor.

Make the Right Blog Headline

If you’re planning to make a new blog, these blog headline templates will get you some clicks.

Remember that the headlines should be as good as the content. And that writing headlines isn’t something that you can master overnight. So keep practicing in order to continue getting better at it.

Here are some things to ask and do when you are choosing the right headline for your blog:

  • What’s the most important point to get across?
  • What’s the best way to communicate that single point?
  • Write multiple headlines for each piece of content and pick the best one.
  • Ask others for feedback and also ask them to pick the best headline.
  • Always ask “why?”
  • Keep a log of which headlines work best for your target audience.

Now get out there and put these blog headline templates into work and see which ones work best for your blog.

Were we able to help you? Do you need more info? Feel free to check our other posts to get all the guides you need!

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