Common Features That All Viral Blog Posts Share: How to Create Your Own

Take control into your own hands and start creating viral posts like a professional

You can be the most talented content writer out there and still, your perfect content fails to go viral. Believe it or not, some of the best articles and blogs never saw the light of day or at least no one saw them. Instead, internet users see what they get, and in order to let them get your content, you must learn to create one that can actually go viral.

”Everyone who works on a blog wants to attract more traffic and share content people will love to read. Whether your blog will go viral or not has nothing to do with luck. Once you learn how to activate the necessary viral triggers, you can create the viral content you want for your site.” – advices Peter Heart, content writer at

1. Write Long-Term Content

‘Think of your long-term content plan like a saving account’ – says J.Champion on Hubspot. Content curation requires plenty of organization, and if you want to succeed, you must try to make the most of it.

Have a plan and be consistent. Being proactive about content management is what will get you to the point where your blog goes viral, but will also help you stay there.

2. Find and Address Your Audience Directly

If you are too general in your content, you will hardly create a connection with the readers. The people you want to reach with your content are those you should direct to make it go viral, so work on finding your audience first before developing a blog post strategy.

3. Start with a Great Intro

No one will click on the headline unless it is inviting and interesting. If you want readers to check your blogs, you need to grab their attention in the first place.

Start with a Great Intro

But, it does not end here. It won’t really matter how great your headline is unless you start with a great intro visitors will want to read on.

There are plenty of ways to create a great intro. Explore your options.

4. Make the Call to Action Clear and Visible

You probably want the visitors to take some action, like buy your product or share the blog post on social media. If you do, make sure your call to action is always clear and visible. No one will look around to find a call to action if you don’t provide one.

 5. Visualization is Key

People are visual creatures. Regardless of how amazing your content is, or how well you worked on the website, people will hardly pay any attention to it if it is not visually appealing.

Use great, high-resolution images for your blog posts. Include infographics and videos, and anything else you can think of to implement the responsive design into the blog post.

6. Create Readable Content

Writing blog posts is not the same as writing a term paper for school or an academic essay. In fact, it is the exact opposite. When creating content, remember that you are writing for a general audience.

Create Readable Content

This means that you need to create content everyone in your target audience will understand. So, create a clear structure in your blog post, and be as concise as possible.

 7. Always Proofread

No visitor will see you seriously if you fail to remove all those typos and clean up the messed up grammar in the blog post. These things do matter, so do not let poor editing ruin your chances of going viral.

 8. Optimize for Social Media

Once you are done with all the tricks above, it is time to optimize the finished blog post for social media. Here are some things you can do to achieve this:

  • Don’t create too many sharing options (5 or 6 popular social media platforms are more than enough)
  • Boost the post by using Facebook ads
  • Post on discussion groups, online forums, and Facebook groups
  • Start guest-posting and link to your own blog
  • Email influencers
  • Ask your friends to share
  • Make and maintain an online presence on all popular social media platforms

Viral Post

 9. Schedule the Content

And finally, work on your content schedule. Chances are you won’t always be able to post in the best time or create content as often as you should. So, it is time to organize and schedule the content to reach as many people as possible.

There you have it – the nine best ways to make sure your blog posts go viral. Follow this list and remember – successful blogs require constant work, so don’t give up once you achieve your goal! 

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