How to quickly add authors in WordPress posts

Every single one of us has a passion in life and if your passion is connected to being an author and writing blogs on the Internet, this article is for you. If you write blogs you know how important it is for writers to add themselves as authors or to add other authors to their blogs. Today we will discuss how to do that and many other things to make writing blogs enjoyable and easier.

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Can I add authors without registering them?

Since we’re talking about WordPress, we must mention that adding authors without registering them is not possible in WordPress but there is a plugin that solves the problem. That plugin is Simple Author Box. Simple Author Box allows you to easily add guest authors without creating or registering new users. It allows you to add an author box anywhere on your site so the author name, gravatar, and description are always available.

Simple Author Box Preview

You have a chance to fully customize because everything is customizable, you can easily assign guest authors as well as multiple authors but we will get to that in a minute. When it comes to your author box you can design it to your liking because you can play with the colors and appearance and really make it your own. Simple Author Box lets your personality shine through so you don’t have to hold back.

How to add guest authors?

We have already mentioned guest authors and that you have a chance to easily add them to your blog and now I am going to show you how. Before we start talking about ways to enable and use that option we first have to discuss why it is helpful and how it will better your blog. If you decide to add guest authors through a plugin that doesn’t require registration it will be much easier and faster, as well as safe.

When you are using registration to do this, it will be slower, not that practical and you will have to log in every time. This makes it unsafe as well because these accounts can be used to hack a site. This is why no registration is packed with many benefits for you.

Simple Author Box Enable Guest

Now let’s get on to the technicalities of enabling this option. When you click on “Guest Author” you are welcomed with a few possibilities to choose from. First, you have to enable this option with a click of a button. Not only this but you can also enable the option to use Guest Authors as co-authors.

If you enable this option they will be considered as co-authors and therefore shown next under author. You can also choose to enable co-authors’ custom text and if you enable that option it will open up a chance to write your own custom text.

Simple Author Box Add Author

If you want to see this in action and you want to add a new post, you can see two options regarding Simple Author Box and Guest Authors. If you click on “Simple Author Box Settings” you open up two options. You can choose to hide the Author Box or click to show only guest/co-authors. When it comes to guests or co-authors, you can choose to add an already existing registered author or to add a new one. Both options are fairly easy to use and find because they are on the right side of the menu so you have everything in one place along with the rest of the options.

When you want to choose an already existing registered author you just find their name and click on it but when you want to add a new author there is a bit more work to do. You click on the “Add Guest Author” and you will open up a window where you can write some of their information. Information needed is their username, first and last name as well as contact information. For contact information, you can put up their email and website as well as add some biographic info. The last thing you can add is their social media links.

Simple Author Box Add Author

You can also choose multiple authors for the same posts because sometimes it may happen that multiple authors have written the same post. There is also a situation where you might want to show the writer as well as the editor so you can choose to show both. This way everyone will be rewarded for their work and no one will be left out. To do that, you just choose all the authors or authors and editors and they will line up under one another.

To conclude

In this article, we have been talking about adding guest authors to your WordPress posts. We have concluded that an easy way to do this is through a plugin called Simple Author Box. This plugin comes with many features you can choose from and among them is choosing to add guest authors as well as multiple authors. We have discussed in detail how you can perform and add these options. It is fairly easy to use and it will make writing your blogs and adding authors a fun thing. Everyone will get to be rewarded for their writing work and every author can be mentioned using Simple Author Box!

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