Roundup of 20+ Free Stock Video Sites for Your Blog or Any Other Project

Whether you want a cover or background video, or whether you need it for a commercial or non-commercial project, these sites should be on your watch list

In one of our latest blog articles, we stressed out the importance of having quality images on your site. We also know how hard it is to find good pictures for free, so we compiled a list of best free anti stock photo sites.

As Internet connections have become fast enough to handle more demanding media types, people have started using videos as well. It is not that strange to find websites that use videos instead of hero images. Many like to use videos as their cover too. It is also getting more and more popular to have a video background on your landing pages and even your under construction pages. And if done correctly, those video variants will improve design and conversions on your site and make it look more alive. Quality videos are expensive. How do you find free stock videos for your blog?

But if you thought finding free images wasn’t easy, then you will want to smash your keyboard against the wall once the search results don’t get you footage that you like.

How to find free stock videos?

Actually, finding fantastic videos is super-easy. But once you realize that you have to open the wallet and start copying the numbers from your credit card if you want to use them on your site, the chances are that you will hit the close button before that. Luckily, some excellent services offer completely free stock videos for your commercial and non-commercial projects. We found more than 20 of them and created a simple table that you can find below.

In the table, you will find the specifics about each of the services. Some of them require attribution and registration, while some don’t. Also, some of them let you use the footage for commercial projects, but there are some sites that you will have to be careful about. We also counted the number of available free stock videos on each site.

The last two columns are dedicated to specific searches. If a site had a search option, we looked for free stock videos that are tagged with “city” and “river”. The number in the table represents the number of related videos found on the site. Enjoy!

Name Attribution
Number of Videos Commercial Use Filter Videos by Search: City Search: River
Beach Front Broll 200 category no search no search
Coverr 500 category no search no search
Cute Stock Footage 2,736 newest, most popular, most downloaded, random 303 209
Distill n/a 108 n/a categories 8 0
Footage Crate 112 categories 6 0
Ignite Motion 90 categories no search no search
Life of Vids 260 n/a none 10 4
Mazwai 168 none no search no search
MonZoom n/a 1,058 most downloaded, popular, date, top rated, categories, duration, etc. 2 0
Motion Elements 18 depends on a clip none 0 0
Pexels Videos 2664 none 121 126
Pixabay Videos 200 none 297 270
Pond5 n/a 9769 n/a license, resolution, duration, fps, people 956 166
Splash Base depends 284 depends on a clip none 30 11
Stock Footage for Free 240 category 20 4
Videezy depends 2,500+ depends on a license newest, by category 346 570
Video Blocks 10,000+ type, details, category, resolution, duration 200+ 200+
Videvo depends 5889 depends on a clip category, type, resolution, license 972 288
Vidlery 64 none no search no search
Vids Play 240 categories, recent videos 12 6
Vimeo Group 255 date, alphabetical, plays, likes, comments, duration 0 0

We hope that finding free stock footage will be much easier when you add all the sites to your watch list. If you have found any other site that offers even more videos, please leave us the comment and we will be happy to expand the table with new entries.

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