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Do you have a dating site and want to become visible to Google? Learn how!

After Google launched the newest version of its Penguin and Panda, optimization of the search engine has become a deal of struggle. While only a few years ago, inserting a ton of backlinks to the site and using the same target key phrases was enough, today, it is different. The ranking algorithm of Google has undergone various upgrades. As well as search engine optimization for a dating-related site is a much more complicated task nowadays.

Target keyword and placing of its synonyms

The landing page should mention the TK you intend to rank for by all means and in the maximum quantity. Make sure it works correctly within:

  • The headings
  • The content
  • The URL
  • Meta description and title

A great advice would be to place as many synonyms of the main keywords as possible. The simpler they are, the bigger the possibility they will work effectively. Do not try to reinvent the wheel; add something that the system will read correctly. For instance, to specify topic like “dating an introvert,” add possible phrases: “relationship with an introvert,” “extravert vs. introverts date ideas,” etc.

What is more, long-tail keywords will increase the rank of the text as well. They are easier to process and have a high conversation rate. It means that instead of targeting “interracial dating,” add keywords, like “interracial dating for men,” “main interracial dating sites for women,” or “Eastern European dating.”

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Should you index the pages of your dating members’ profiles?

Of course, this will bring you more traffic. When letting Google index your member profile pages, provided that is happening within the terms & conditions; in such a way, you can possibly attract more traffic. But check the profile pages for the amount of content before doing that. You should be confident there is enough of it. This is due to the fact that Google algorithms may see your pages as bots or perceive similar pages as fake, and that will only arouse duplicate content problems. The way out is considering only profiles of those members that have the most information with the most sections filled, as well as various photos and member description that suit the requirements.

Before indexing Profile pages, the next points should be remembered

  • Make the own Meta title & description for every member profile.

For instance:

Title: <Member’s Name>, <Member’s Age>, <Member’s Country>, <The name of the site>

Description: In case you want to date <Member 1>, <Member Age> in <Member Country> area? Register at <The name of the site> No payment needed!

  • The profile pages should have a lot of content and look appropriate. The great idea would be to group the members that have filled the maximum sections to the fullest and have written a big personal description into the separate section and only let Google index them. Consult your web developer if you plan to do it.

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Content Pages should be created for certain keywords and phrases

Even if you plan to use all the keywords you have at the homepage to attract more attention, do not do this. Such placement of keywords will make the site look superficial and will not bring trust. Sometimes, it is better to make an individual page for every keyword. Here are some more search engine optimization tips you might consider:

  • Set up pages for keywords groups similar in the meaning or sphere. Do not make a separate page for every one of them. Group the title ideas to avoid creating certain pages with the same meaning. For instance, “piano players dating,” “musicians playing the piano dating,” or “dating a piano player.”
  • Check the Meta title for the clever descriptions of target keywords and their placement within it.
  • Use hyperlinks to connect the pages with content and the homepage. In this way, it will be indexed more effectively, and the search will work better.

Link building and building linking trust

This task is one of the most challenging when it comes to interconnecting a few dating websites because the whole system should look natural and link as if unintentionally. The best-linked connection is the one when users do not understand was the site linked or not. Google algorithms are taking an infinite number of sites under consideration to analyze each day to detect unnatural linkage. This is made to prevent paid links, a hyperlink to the sites with the explicit content or low-quality sites. That is why it is an important task to find a website with a similar theme and content to yours for it to link you. But in this case, the link building will cope with the thorough investigation of Google.

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