3 Tips for Creating Inclusive Content for Your Business

Interested in improving your content? This article has three tips for you.

Every business needs to execute and ideate strategies that can enable it to reach out to and connect with its audience. And one of the most effective ways to do so is through content marketing.

By prioritizing these factors and adhering to WCAG guidelines, you will be able to unlock consumer bases that you would have otherwise missed. Moreover, you’ll also improve the company’s relationship with its existing and prospective customers since you’ll be sending a strong, positive message by making your website ADA compliant.

Additionally, it can support your marketing efforts like search engine optimization, enabling you to create more visibility in turn. With that said, here are some tips for creating inclusive content.

Incorporate Captions Into Audio and Video Content

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As the name implies, captions are essentially the text of audio material from animations and videos. These generally include the spoken words, indications of the speakers when they’re not evident, and any other sound like noises or laughter for better context. This is essential for those with auditory impairments because they won’t be able to understand the content without it.

For this reason, it makes sense to secure a video captioning service for any audio and video material you publish online. Doing so will ensure that those with hearing loss can still mentally consume the content even if they can’t hear it.

Provide Alternative Text for All Your Images

Another way to make your content more inclusive is by adding alternative text for all your images.

Alt text, as they are more commonly referred to, essentially describes the pictures through the use of screen readers.

They can be incredibly useful, especially for those who may have vision problems and cannot see clearly.

Apart from making these visual elements more accessible, including these descriptions can enhance your SEO strategy. This will lead to more exposure for your brand and its offerings and increase sales.

Remain Clear and Concise

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To ensure that your content remains as accessible as possible to a broad range of users, always try to remain clear and concise. Whenever possible, try to avoid any technical terms and jargon. It’s also a good idea to expand any acronyms you choose to add in the written pieces. In this way, not only will you help those who may have cognitive disabilities and those who have English as their second language better understand your content, but it’ll also aid those who use screen readers.


Accessibility and inclusivity aren’t just beneficial for a business and its target consumers; it’s also fundamental human rights. Therefore, you must always strive to make your digital content as accessible as possible. While there are more ways to make your online material more inclusive than the tips listed above, they should help you get started and allow your brand to reach out to more people.

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