Out of the Clutter and into the Spotlight: How to Advertise to Become Top of Mind for Your Target Audience in a Busy Marketplace

A study published in Marketing Week in 2017 shows that 60% of all advertising from top brands is considered clutter

We hear the term clutter more and more because technology makes it easy for more ads to be present in the field than ever before. While the sheer volume of advertising today has numbed the public’s appeal for mediocre work, it’s actually made people more sensitive and hungrier for the things they really want.

It’s now your opportunity to rise above the clutter and become that shining pearl in the blue ocean for your customers, partners, and employees.

It’s the way you TALK

Think you have a unique brand? In the clutter, they all sound the same. You must stand out to reach out to the consumer. And how to do this more efficiently than learning to speak in their own terms.


Try to move away from cliches. Make special offers special by telling your viewers what they want using a message they can relate to. Brands with a unique tone of voice get more engagement and more customer loyalty than those which sound generic or boring.

For example, your headline on digital billboards must be no less than magical to capture the attention of the people in the Magic City.

Always look at your audience and learn their language, we might all speak English, but we click with different words.

It’s the way you WALK

Best practices aren’t called best just because it is a catchphrase. it is because they work and get results. Look at what other players are doing well and do it your own way.

the way you WALK

Observe the channels they are using: is Facebook driving their sales? Maybe their Instagram is generating leads? Are they pushing articles on LinkedIn? Do they run display campaigns on Google ads? Ask yourself these questions and find the answer which best fits your business problem and stay above the clutter.

It’s the way you MOVE

All clutter advertising has one thing in common: it’s static. It does not move the message, the medium or the audience. It stays the same and prays for something to happen. That’s your advertising should always stick and move like a good boxer.

the way you MOVE

You should STICK to what makes you unique, your values, your message, your product and MOVE it around in unexpected ways. Take a digital campaign and move it to a larger audience with a DOOH (Digital Out of Home) campaign. This is just one of the many ways you can escape the clutter and reach who you want to reach.

It’s the way you STAY

Being relevant today is what it’s all about. It is delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. We are all in the mental rental business and we are fighting for the same space in the minds of very busy people.

the way you STAY

A good strategy, effective messaging, and good placement make all the difference in the world. Do you go all-in with Miami Billboards or do you plan how each ad fits in your plan like a carefully placed Tetris piece?

There is no right way or wrong way, the most important thing is to stay in your audience’s top of mind and out of the clutter.

It’s the way you FEEL

Advertising trapped in the clutter doesn’t make you feel anything. It’s just an endless, gray, same-sounding amalgamation that serves nobody. So, you must put some heart into your advertising. Create assets that express, not merely tell what you want to do. Because effective communication emotion beats logic and creates unbreakable links.

the way you FEEL

It’s how food delivery apps tap into the urges of their audiences using a mix of appetite and feeling. For example, they know people usually feel hungry around lunch, so they give an attractive offer and complement it with a nice office inside joke to make you feel like they are in touch with you. You can do the same with your campaign by knowing what time of day and where to place your advertising to get a real feel from your audience.

Will you become one with the clutter or rise above? Here are the necessary tools to break through the fate of 60% of all advertisements from big brands. It’s your continuing mission to find new ways to tell who you are, what you are offering and most importantly why should anybody stop and listen to you.

It’s 2022 and the world is still changing, old and new challenges present themselves every day. But where there are questions, there are always answers and the way we answer makes us stand out rather than clutter in.

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