Content Strategies to Make Your Website Stand Out (There’s No Need to Be an SEO Expert)

Your website does not stand out? This article will help you change that!

When we think about gaming up our website content, the first thing that crosses our mind is to establish strong search engine optimization.

The best part is that improving these factors doesn’t require you to be an SEO expert or hire one!

Let’s take a look!

Make Your Blogs Fun and Easy to Read

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Videos and graphics are always better at holding visitors’ attention. However, if you are playing just with words, then you need to make it more interesting by skipping the monotonous tone and boring write-up!

It’s a great idea to add a fun side to your blogs regardless of what you are talking about. Joking a little never hurts, right? You just have to be mindful not to go overboard.

Choose a Format That Is Mobile Friendly

How many times have you been in need of searching for something on the internet while you are on the go?

Well, too many times! Right?

That is why it is quite convenient to make your website mobile-friendly. This implies that you should give readers quick access to what they came here looking for instead of indulging them in long, pointless stories.

Moreover, it helps to make short sentences and keep your vocabulary user-friendly. If you are looking for ideas and suggestions, head to Thegigcity to have more insight on how a mobile-friendly site should look like.

Keep Your Content Updated at All Times

So one thing that you need to be particularly quick about is updating the content on your website.

Found a way to improve an old recipe? Share it with your readers. Did terms of service for a credit card or teen debit card charge? Update the old article to make sure your visitors have the latest information.

A lot of new information lands on the internet every day. Won’t it be great if you are the first one to deliver it to your readers? It just takes a minute to access the site on WordPress and add something new that you have come across in recent days.

In fact, experts point out that the content needs to be updated at least 11 times in a month if you wish to triple the traffic flow to your website.

Use More Than Just Stock Photos

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Many websites heavily rely on stock photos, and that is exactly why you should try to be different.

The truth is that stock photos are easy to find, download and use. However, they don’t reflect the real essence of your company or your work.

If you want the reader to actually get to know you, it is better to make use of photos that you capture yourself. Instead of hiding the actual nature of your agency, put it wide in the open so the visitors sitting behind the screen could establish a sense of connection with you.

You can also take time out to showcase your services, what you have done so far, as well as the struggles that you had to face to reach this point in your business.

There is no doubt that clients love to work with authentic companies, and showing them the real you would get the job done!

Pro-Tip: Just Be Yourself!

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You can have an entire team at your disposal for creating and publishing content on your website, but remember, no one can be YOU!

Every person has a unique sense of working with words. Consequently, it reflects what you think and what your values are. This factor can make your work stand out from the rest of the team.

Therefore, whether you choose to write yourself or take help from professional writers, make sure you encourage them to just be themselves. All of you should have the flexibility to decide how you want to communicate with the readers.

Take-Home Message

Search engine optimization and making your website more accessible to new traffic requires technical knowledge. However, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to make your content liked by the visitors who do land on your page!

Just keep these tips in mind for the next time, and we are sure you will see the number ticking up pretty soon. We are eager to hear about your experience after implementing these hacks, so don’t forget to let us know how it goes.

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