How to Choose the Nicest Instagram Filters?

Looking for the nicest Instagram filters for your photos? Find instructions here and choose the best ones.

There is something we find so soothing about taking a “mind break” to scroll through people’s Instagram feeds of beautiful, high-quality images. And most of these photos are clicked by iPhone owners who have just simply mastered the art of using Instagram filters.

An Instagram filter is a simple feature introduced by Instagram which allows people to edit their photos and enhance the quality. One just needs to apply the filters that are already present in Instagram.

You can click on the filter, and it will be automatically applied to your picture. You can zoom in or zoom out your pic, even after applying the filter.

Instagram was first launched in 2011 with basic features such as filtering your photo with high resolution, adding tilt-shift effects to your photos, and adding borders. Though these options seem very basic right now, during that time these were in demand.

Nowadays, Instagram allows you to choose from 25 different and unique filters! You can choose any filter you like from these and make your photos look amazing. All the filters available on Instagram are free of cost, and you can choose anything you like.

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Doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a newbie to the Instagram world, choosing the right filter for your photos is a necessity. For this you may find out how to view private Instagram profiles to know how they are applying filters to make their profile attractive.

Here, we’ve covered everything from the most popular filters worldwide to how to use Instagram filters and even how to use a Snapchat filter on Instagram. Use filters and take your Instagram images to another level.

Thoughtful Ways to Choose the Right Filter for Your Instagram Feed

It is often mentioned that a filter is kind of a gorgeous outfit draped on your Instagram feed to make it look more beautiful. It can establish you as a star or destroy your image.

Choosing the right filter can make your feed look perfect. But if you accidentally add a wrong filter to your photo, then it will look really weird to your followers. A perfect filter will make your photo look great and will create a huge impact on your targeted audience.

The tips that are mentioned in this article are really important if you own a company or if you want to make your feed look aesthetic. The main thing in all this is that you want people to have a good impression of you and you should look decent as well. It is really difficult to find a filter of your choice.

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You stalk an Instagram profile you really like, you desire to have the exact style as your favorite star, but unfortunately, your feed doesn’t look like that. So, what exactly is not correct?

Luckily, it’s really easy to find out your theme and style! It is important for you to know what filter you should use so that your feed will look great. Let’s take a glance at a detailed explanation for this:

  • Carefully choose a specific theme you like.
  • Get and apply the correct filter from Preview App.
  • Choose your filter, keeping in mind the kind of photos you click mostly.
  • Choose your filter according to the colors that your photos include.
  • Stick to only a single filter.
  • Search for a theme inspiration that would suit your aesthetic.

1. Choose Your Favorite Theme Style

This is a very important step for anyone who’s planning their Instagram feed.

A theme describes how you maintain your Instagram grid and how it looks.

Search for different themes and make sure you know what mood or themes are suitable for your feed so that it can catch the attention of the people:

  • Moody
  • Vintage
  • Brown
  • Bright
  • White
  • Colorful

Unsure about your theme preference? Wondering what your theme style is? No issues. Try these following steps to know your theme:

  • Search for an Instagram profile you really like. Take the same type of photo as your favorite account to get a similar theme style. Be sure about the photo you’re taking.

The next steps are really important. Make sure to pay importance to these three things specifically:

  • The overall maintenance of your feed
  • The type of photos you click
  • The important colors in your photos

Taking photos becomes easier if you get a clear idea about your theme preference perfectly. You get a clear idea of how you want to maintain your feed and how you want your feed to look exactly alike. This will furthermore help you in getting real Instagram views.

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Where exactly can you get your suitable filter? You can get amazing filters in the Preview App.
If you’re a newbie on Instagram, Preview App is specifically designed to maintain your Instagram grid.

2. Choose the Filter According to the Type of Your Photos

There is another convenient way to know your favorite filter for your photos so that your feed will look amazing. Make sure to get the correct filter according to your photos and style.

  • If you prefer taking photos with a background of vibrant colors = Use Colorful Filter Pack or White II Filter Packs
  • If you like taking photos with dark backgrounds and themes ( like outfits, buildings, nature, nighttime photos, etc.) = Use a Dark or Moody filter pack
  • If you love taking photos with earthy themes and tones = Use Fall, Vintage, or Brown Filter Packs are the best
  • If you prefer taking photos with white or very light backgrounds = Use the White Filter Packs

3. Choose a Filter Matching the Theme of Your Feed

Have you ever noticed that at times when we apply a filter to our photo, it doesn’t look great? Rather, it looks weird. Is something not correct? Generally, it’s because the colors that are present in the photos don’t go well with the applied filter.

They look really weird together. It is already mentioned how necessary the colors present. Post photos that match with the filter that you’re applying.

4. Stick to a Single Filter

No doubt, it is a necessity to use a specific filter for building your profile rather than changing it from time to time. Find a specific filter you love the most and use it for all your photos! It is necessary to use only a single filter on every post so that your feed will look more attractive and catch the attention of people.

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Using one filter on all your pictures makes your feed look pleasant and decent. If you change filters frequently then your feed won’t look good and it will look weird to people who would be stalking or following your account. To avoid this, it is very important to make your feed look decent and presentable.

The more decent your feed looks, the more people you will gain as followers. Make sure to avoid using the same filters in a row to post pictures frequently. Post regularly but within a limit.


These all were some important tips to use your Instagram filters fruitfully. However, you’ll get better at it only when you properly execute them.

As the saying goes, practice makes a man perfect. Go ahead and use a filter to design your post. Who knows, the most viral picture could be yours!

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