Building the Most Efficient Work Schedule for Your Team: 5 Easy Tips

Need your team to be more effective? Here are five useful tips to help you out.

Are you starting a business and in the process of hiring your staff? Do you want your team to make the most out of their time at the office?

If so, then it is important that you create an efficient employee work schedule.

Employees should also have the tools needed to keep track of how much work they are contributing to. With our knowledge of business management, you can create a schedule that works for your company.

Here are five easy tips for building the best employee work schedule for your team.

1. Create Your Schedules Ahead of Time


The best work schedule is the one that your team is prepared for. Employees with more knowledge of your company’s culture can do the most work, which is why we suggest creating your schedule before new hires arrive at your office.

Once you officially take workers into your company, onboard them into your system and show them the schedule that they would need to follow. By receiving information ahead of time, employees will be able to adjust to their schedules earlier on.

2. Avoid Under- and Over-Scheduling

One way to get the most out of your employee’s time at the office is to avoid giving them to much or to little to do. Your employee work schedule template should give full-time employees enough assignments to stay secure financially.

If you have part-time employees, their schedules should be flexible enough to meet other obligations they have outside of the company.

Your team should have the right amount of work so that they don’t exhaust themselves over time and don’t have the energy to accomplish tasks.

3. Provide Access to Tools

A successful team is one with employees that know how to manage the same technology that you use. Give your employees the tools needed to better keep track of their work and the technology needed to complete tasks on time.

We advise having all of your employees sign up for an employee time tracking app or a work schedule app so that they can be on the same page of who is doing what and when. The app should have features such as shift planning so that employees have someone to cover for them in case their assignments change.

4. Manage Time Away from the Desk

Away from desk

You also need a weekly work schedule template to see how much time employees are spending away from the desk. One way is to limit the amount and length of meetings, each of which could save time by covering multiple topics at once.

Services such as Google Docs and Slack can help employees talk to each other at their desks so that they can get back to work quickly. However, you also need to provide between a half-hour and full hour for breaks to give them the time to re-charge.

5. Be Flexible

While you should hire people who can commit to your schedule, situations outside of work can affect their ability to work the same hours consistently. This is why you should have multiple options for your employee work schedule.

Provide morning, afternoon, and night shifts for people who prefer to work during different periods of the day.

This is also an opportunity for employees to make up for the missed time and keep the team on time with assignments.

Our Take on an Employee Work Schedule

A proper employee work schedule gives your team the right amount of time to complete tasks and the tools and periods that allow them to be productive.

With these tips, you will get the most out of your team and create a successful company.

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