9 Crucial Tips to Attract Email Subscribers to Your Blog

Boost your sales and increase your profits by following described tips

There are many advantages in having numerous subscribers, two of which are increased sales and enhanced website productivity.

Before designing your marketing plan, brainstorm ideas and collect data on your customers’ interests. Next step is choosing the right tools for you. Then, implement the strategy, and get new clients! Check out the following tips on how to attract e-mail subscribers to your blog.


Link Twitter Bio to Your Blog

One of the best ways to advertise your blog is using Twitter. Customers follow the latest online trends and tendencies. They will easily and quickly follow you if your content is good enough, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Linking back to your blog in your Twitter Bio is a genius move. Every time a customer surfs your web page, they will inevitably read your bio. If you post often, and your content is above average, they are going to see your bio so often that they’ll eventually check out where the hyperlink links back to. And voila! New traffic on your blog.

Making Clients Compete

Before sending out emails, make sure you plan everything out. First, when are you going to contact your customers? Choose a proper time of the day. Second, what is the purpose of the e-mail? And third, what is the best marketing offer you could provide? Subscribers are a crucial element in the future development of your business. You must constantly keep them committed to your blog. But how can you do that? By giving them the right incentives.

Make your customers compete. Include an excellent marketing offer in your weekly e-mail. Give out free vouchers, tickets to different concerts, or excursions around the world for people who access your blog and enter your website’s competition. Make them fight for the awards, and increase traffic at the same time.

Create a “Special Content Day”

Create a “special-content post” once a month. If readers want to access it, they must subscribe to your blog. The special content could be anything. I would personally send out an exclusive video or Podcast once a month. It is the right amount of content to offer for free, and it keeps clients interested and engaged.

Keep Content Qualitative

I know we’ve briefly covered this topic already, but keeping your blog content qualitative is vital. You can use endless marketing strategies to bring email subscribers to your blog page; if your content is not good enough, potential clients won’t subscribe.

To discover what your readers enjoy reading, research the online marketing by using the right tools. Some of them include SurveyMonkey, FedStats, Survata, or American Face Finder.


The Opt-In Form and Button

Even if your e-mail marketing strategy leads people to your blog, that is not a guarantee that they’ll subscribe. Most people will click on your link, study your web page, and leave. Unfortunately, that happens more than you imagine. So, make sure you make them stay! Use opt-in forms and nicely designed buttons to grab their attention.

Opt-in forms can vary. Some marketers like using slide-ins, while others like floating bars. Some use inline options, while most prefer after post opt-ins. Make sure you do your research before picking your favorite one. After choosing, design your opt-in button properly. It has to attract customers quickly and efficiently!

Link Pinned Tweet to Facebook

Another good strategy to attract customers to your blog is linking your Facebook page to your favorite, pinned Tweet. Whenever someone likes your Twitter posts, they’ll notice the pinned post on top of your page and click on it. That is going to redirect them to your Facebook page.

Make sure you regularly post new content on Facebook! When prospective clients are going to access the Facebook page, they must see exciting fragments of your blog content available online. Always provide a link to your blog, and give them an incentive to visit your website.

More Time on Social Media

Even if you are spending a lot of time on social media, you might still not get the desired results. So, what can you do about it?

  • Make sure you use your time correctly and effectively
  • Don’t lose time with useless tasks that won’t lead anywhere
  • Design the perfect strategy and implement it as soon as you find it
  • “Always choose quality over quantity – better work 3 hours at a maximum efficiency than 6 hours at a low-efficiency level,” says Clara Kentwood, motivational speaker and professional freelancer at ResumesPlanet.
  • Divide your time correctly while online
  • Answer customer questions quickly, share content continually, contact customers almost daily
  • Keep a close relationship with your clients and thank them for being loyal


Use Exit Popups

Even if prospective clients visit your blog often, that is not a guarantee that they’ll return. Use exit popups to try to make them stay! When they click on “back,” a new page is going to open, and different offers are going to pop up. Clients should then be able to sign up with their e-mail address and receive further information about the content.

This marketing tool might annoy some, but it works in most of the cases. Of course, this is not the first strategy you should consider. Just keep it in the back of your mind as a plan B!

Keep Them Engaged

Another helpful online tool is turning your commenters into subscribers. End every blog with a rhetorical question. When random people reply, transform them into your followers automatically. Most of the commenters will be already subscribed to your e-mail list, so you are practically breaking no rules (but make sure you check that before taking action anyways!).


Getting new blog traffic can be challenging, but it is worth it. Boost your sales and increase your profits by using the online marketing strategies above! Avoid seven most common mistakes that could prevent your blog from earning money.

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