WordPress Vs Custom Built Site: The Benefits

When starting a site, both WordPress and a custom build option is a good way to go. How do you where to start?

You may be well aware of the benefits that a website can provide for your brand. Whether you’re a blogger who wants to share your knowledge to your audience or an entrepreneur who aims to attract more customers, there’s no denying the potency of having a platform that allows you to deliver your message to the world.

To start your site, you must register a domain name and choose a builder to design its layout. One popular option is to create a WordPress account. Here are the benefits of using this platform:

Intuitive Interface

The free and open-source content management system or CMS is so manageable to use that it allows beginners with no web development experience to make a WordPress website with minimal effort. It has an intuitive interface and easily understandable navigation that makes adding new pages, posts, images, and even editing meta tags for search engine optimization or SEO a breeze.


Because WordPress has already developed its own CMS, you can create a website quickly. With this, you can focus your efforts in producing informative and engaging content as well as researching relevant keywords that can boost your SEO campaign.

Moreover, you can choose from the platform’s vast selection of free and paid theme templates for the layout of your site while avoiding these disastrous web design mistakes.


Another significant benefit of WordPress is that its community of developers continues to create plugins which enhance the design and functionality of your website. Think of plugins as ready-made features similar to Google Chrome extensions that you install or add to your site for your readers’ convenience.

Examples of must-have WordPress plugins are:

  • UnderConstructionPage – Quickly start your WordPress site by having a professionally designed page that takes a few minutes to set up

  • WP Forms – This plugin provides your site with a customizable form. You just drag and drop items to create forms for contacting your customers, email subscriptions, or payment.
  • Yoast SEO – SEO is a crucial strategy to boost your site’s ranking in Google and direct more potential customers to your domain. Yoast SEO is a plugin that allows you to optimize your website for search.
  • MonsterInsights – It provides a way for your site to connect with your Google Analytics account. Plus, it gives you comprehensive data right inside your WordPress dashboard.

Meanwhile, you should also consider using a custom website builder for your blog. These are its advantages:

Personalized Design

In creating a site from scratch, you have the guarantee that you’ll get a custom website that’s built to your specifications. While templates may be easy to work with, some businesses need to take a more personalized approach to set them apart from competitors and boost awareness for their brand. Moreover, you won’t have to adjust to limitations or restrictions with free WordPress themes.

Custom web design


Avoid Bloatware

WordPress sites are vulnerable to bloatware which comes with all the features that are built into the platform to cater to a broad array of users. While these presets improve functionality, it can affect your site speed which can lead you to install a plugin to address this issue. You can avoid this potential problem with a custom built site that incorporates only the elements that your website needs.


If one of the primary reasons why you’re building a site is to generate a following, you need a platform that can grow with you. As mentioned above, there are limitations and restrictions to WordPress which may cause problems in the future when you gain consistent readership and traffic volume increases for your domain. With a custom built site, you can easily make adjustments along the way as your subscriber count grows or, even better, to create it with scalability in mind.

These are the reasons why website scalability is essential for your site:

  • Accommodate Increased Demands – The scalability of your website’s framework allows you to accommodate and make the necessary modifications as the demand for your products or services increases.
  • Keep Up with the Latest Technology – By creating a flexible website, you can incorporate valuable developments in web design and other technical features that can enhance user experience for your blog.


A website is a potent tool for your digital marketing campaign since it gives potential customers in-depth insight into your business as well as products and services. WordPress and custom site builders can provide you with different benefits. You need to identify your needs and preferences to determine which one you should use for your brand.

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