Web Design Techniques to Increase Traffic

Traffic is low? Here are some things you should improve on your site.

Before getting started on what the specifics to maximizing website traffic are, it is essential to first recognize—you should never take quality for granted. The potential for more traffic to your website shall not be at the expense of quality.

Design tasks might pose a larger challenge to some opposing to others, and if you need guidance in those tasks, looking up San Francisco web design agency is the move to make.

To help you create the perfect website that consumers will frequent, here are a few tips and guidelines that you can follow:

1. Practice Healthy SEO Habits

SEO is a very broad term for search engine optimization. If we were to dive into all the specific strategies associated with SEO, this article would be the size of a book. However, to give you a sense of beneficial SEO practices, you can research concepts like link building, backlinks, keywords, and Google ads.


Understanding how search engines work is crucial for getting your business in front of the consumers that need it based on how they search.

2. Provide Quality Content

Keywords, although important, are not to be spammed for the sake of including them. Google is smart, and it can tell when a website is keyword-spamming. Here’s an example: if a website has an article that lists out the Top 5 Underwear Brands for Men, but each sentence somehow finds a way to incorporate “underwear for men,” most people will not be staying long to read it.

Throughout every stage of your business, you need to be focused on the idea that content is king. Poor content means having a poor ranking.

3. Take Advantage of Social Media

The best way to reach a younger audience is social media. As more adults hop on the social media train, the possibility for business expansion only grows. Having a strong social media presence can yield a large amount of traffic to your website almost instantly.

social media

Social media lets you provide tons of call to actions (CTAs) to consumers with just the tap of a few buttons. If you sell physical goods, you need to be on social media… no question about it.

4. Analytics are Important – Do not Ignore Them

If your web-hosting service includes analytics, you need to take advantage of them. Analytics suites typically tell you where your consumers are coming from, how long they spend on your website, what pages they have interest in, and even their geographical location.

Analytics can almost act as a marketing report card to let you assess the performance of departments. By taking advantage of analytics, you can develop a plan for where to market better, what to set your marketing budget at, who to retarget, and what products should be pushed more. 



These strategies are valuable options for anyone seeking to have more visits to their website. When getting started, many people will hire a digital marketing agency to help them most effectively grow.

If increased website traffic is the goal, understanding the online marketing system and knowing how to cater to your audience is critical. Again, quality should never be compromised when you are building a high status for your website because people want to be able to rely on your website’s information.

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