5 Ways Chatbots Can Help You in E-commerce

Take shopping experience to the next level!

It won’t be incorrect to tell that the only thing that remains same in E-Commerce Industry is ‘CHANGE.’ Beyond a doubt, electronic commerce has made it a lot easier for retailers and brands to reach an audience and repeated customers across the globe.

E-Commerce revolution has made competition stiffer for new retailers and emerging brands.  If a brand or online retail store wants to be successful at E-Commerce, then, unforgettable shopping experiences and flawless customer interactions are indispensable. It’s not a hard nut to crack anymore to streamline channel for immaculate interaction with clients, just make use of ‘Chatbots,’ and you will be all set to bridge. Does ‘Chatbot’ sound crazy to you?

Mainly, this program makes use of the UI language, e.g., voice, text and also use images, menus, and buttons as well.
Ms. Jessie Martyn – An E-Commerce Specialist and professional essay writer say that:

Chatbots are useful tools that let businesses and online entrepreneurs connect with customers in a much-personalized manner.”

Constant evolution in Chatbots has made them it easy for retailers to take the purchase experience of the customers to the next-level.  It’s certain that chatbots provide personalized virtual store experience similar to the experience that provides an in-store employee.

Way #1: Better Customer Interaction

In a study conducted by sprout social; 80+% messages by customers are ignored by brands. They don’t get a reply of their problems, and it creates a communication gap between business and consumers.

Sprout Response Rate

Chatbots are truly helpful here as they improve customer interaction for an online business:

  1. Chatbot works like a salesperson of brick and mortar store. It saves your buying history, and it suggests you new products and brands on each visit.
  2. Chatbots wear the role of ‘Customer Care Executive’ and fulfill every customer’s query to save time for vendors and customers.
  3. Though they act like a conversational assistant, it enables them to recognize the demands of customers and personalize every conversation. It’s true that AI-Powered chatbots let your customers enjoy personalized conversations. They are marvelous at identifying the typing patterns of customer and deliver answers in congruence with them.

Way #2: You’re Available 24/7/365 for Customers

Customers can converse with your chatbots anytime as they never sleep and feel tired at all. Though, they are always available seven days a week and 365 days a year. Plus, they offer immaculate answers to basic queries about products and services clients are looking for.

Note: You don’t get to get unnecessarily overwhelmed, in case, if you’re getting thousands of inquiries simultaneously.

A chatbot boosts availability.  Especially, it’s of immense help in the longest customer queues. Bots can handle customers’ problems efficiently and assign them to the appropriate operative. The quicker you will cater the problems of the clients, and more frequently you would be available for your audience, it will result in a happy and fulfilling user experience. To ensure this, it is important to choose a good web host.

Way #3: Let you Build Loyalty

Chatbot mimics a real person artistically. It’s astonishing that how a customer gets an accurate and reliable response from it. Customers look forward to online store owners to be available round-the-clock. E-Stores have customers from all over the world. This global presence also causes problems, i.e., the difference in time zones. It could be a hard nut to crack for most of the online store owners to be available all the times. Here, chatbots come for the assistance of the clients.


By offering instant solutions to clients’ issues, even without physically present, chatbots help in boosting reliability and loyalty. Most probably, you could get irritated by bots as you might not be getting satisfactory responses from bots but they are incalculably helpful for business.

Way #4: Make Management of Online Stores Hassle-Free

Chatbots aren’t just programmed to interact with customers. Live bots are easily programmable to track the inventory of stores. They let you and customers be fully familiar with a particular item. Even, they inform customers about the product they had been searching for is available again at cost-effective prices.

Though they can’t replace expert sales force altogether, however, they are helpful in capturing leads. In fact, it would be against ethics to ask the inquisitive customer, ‘Please leave your email/message, or just asking him to write you an email.’ It’s a big failure for the online store as it will cause a reduction in the clientele.

It’s true again that electronic commerce or e-commerce works differently. It doesn’t work similar to online writing service looking for assignment help at times. The online store has to be information-packed, easily available and full-of-stock to satisfy the requirements of the consumer. And, all of this could be easier with a well-programmed chatbot.

Way #5: Chatbots Help in Payments and Saving Cart Abandonments

Cart abandonment is quite frequent in the e-commerce business. Usually, it takes place when customers don’t get the product they are looking for. So, a follow-up procedure is required when that particular product is available in stock again. Here, chatbots work magically because they access customers directly and let them know about the availability of the product that they were looking for and would they wish to buy the product. It’s so beneficial as it would make your customers feel valued and they would love to become your repeated customers.

Chatbots are not just handier for assisting customers and clients in online shopping. They can also be used for making online payments. How come? Does it sound strange? Yes, bots can also be used for online payments. Well, Snapchat is a good example here as it introduced an online tool known as Snapcash. In fact, it’s a virtual wallet that has the card details available for the users. It let people transfer money to brands and retailers. Even, they can send money to friends and relatives. Having well-programmed and highly secure chatbots help in increasing sales as well.



Beyond a doubt, the future of chatbots in E-Commerce is brighter. It will be indeed easier for the future e-commerce stores to interact genuinely with customers as they will be encompassing Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and AI, instead of Natural Language Processing (NLP). In fact, it will make it lot easier and fun-filled for chatbots to comprehend the language of the customers.

Last but not least, Chatbots have taken shopping experience to the next level, and it’s become too easy to avail online services.  Not only, an online store gets a stack of data for analysis, but also they have eased up automation. That’s why; chatbots are getting popular and essential for the success of an e-commerce store.

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