Three Tips for Monetizing an NBA Blog

Journalism is an incredibly difficult profession to get into. Those who are in the field have to find new ways to stay excited in a business that is forever changing.

A large segment of that is a grassroots effort to offer NBA expert picks as people come up with gambling models to find the best picks. That is also true for those who are playing fantasy sports and daily fantasy sports as they try to compile the best lineups with whatever stakes they are playing with.


But with technological advances and the industry tradition of layoffs and shortening newsrooms it has left many seasoned journalists and newcomers to look elsewhere to launch or continue their careers. For some, that is by monetizing a blog.

The grassroots effort is easier if you have an established name, brand, and beat, but some will find it is still difficult. Here are several tips for monetizing an NBA blog.

Get It Right

The foundation of what someone creates is easily the most important factor of a successful blog. Everything from the website’s appearance, the right hosting and publishing platforms, and even having an attractive logo matters.

Suppose the writer can generate their own graphics and can punch up their designs with their content, all the better. But it will take plenty of effort to launch the blog and have some upfront costs that will need to be dealt with.

One of the best and easiest publishing platforms to use is WordPress. It is simple and easy and allows for subscriber exclusives. There are some websites, such as Wix, where there can be blog posts straight on the site with a built-in publishing platform.

The emergence of substacks is something that has really helped monetization. Having subscribers get stories in their email inbox for a fee allows them to get the most out of a business-to-consumer relationship.

Consistent Content Plan

It is great to want to start and monetize a blog, but the key to any blog is delivering on expectations. Consumers are going to want to know what they can expect and when to expect it before they offer up their hard-earned cash.

Having a niche is an important element of the content plan, and it is probably the most important. A general NBA blog is going to struggle because there are so many great content places that, unless you are an established NBA beat reporter with real sources, people will not find value.

Capitalizing on a smaller market or some other niche is a great way for a writer to find an opening. But the content plan is the key after that. Some people will have themed days, such as Throwback Thursday, where historical content is a staple.

Having key elements around game coverage is another focal point, perhaps an early story as the game ends, then a story in the morning with the big takeaways from the game. Delivering on those publishing times is key once the standard is set.


Generating Exclusives

One of the best ways to earn the trust of readers is to find exclusive sources that people can’t get elsewhere. It does not all have to be about breaking news. It can simply be a feature from the new player’s hometown or them volunteering at a cause they are passionate about.

It is not just about getting the reader’s trust but also the players, coaches, front office workers, agents, and every element of the NBA industry. Developing that niche and becoming one of the best writers in that niche is a great way to deepen the pockets and get a successful blog off the ground.

That is easier said than done, though. Finding those stories takes time, and reading old stories and finding out a lot of information about a player or coach will help earn their trust to go through and open up their life to you.

It can be one of the most rewarding things, though. It all is a learning process, so don’t be afraid to adapt if something isn’t working.

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